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  1. Haha no was defo an Edge, it was parked on uneven ground which I guess could have played a part.
  2. They just look like a giant Ford Fiesta
  3. I went to see one up close for the first time on monday. Have to say was a bit dissapointed at how small they are up close, are they smaller than a Kuga?
  4. Yes Id definately only (or try to) get one with the LEDs, there arent any in my price range at the minute but hopefully by the time im ready to buy they will have come down a bit. Still a bit unsure about spending close to £20k on a Ford though!
  5. Well on autotrader there is only 1 Edge for sale within 30 miles of me, Ive found a gorgeous one but its 230 mile away and Im not really ready to buy yet so its annoying. Its also pretty annoying I cant even look at one without a 45min drive, the only one for sale near me is up on some stupid display ramp about 6ft off the ground. This is the one Ive seen I like and its the all black color combo Id go for. Just not sure I can get past that interior, its just so 'normal' and boring looking compared to the outside, exactly the same as my 300c!
  6. the automatic stalls?? Ive read that post last night! Cant remember what your conclusion was though see when I asked the same question on the 300c forum back then, people described the issues as 'quirks' and none would swap it for anything else. They only sold because the cars got to old and the facelift model was pretty garbage.
  7. I currently have a Chrysler 300c, its 08 now and time for a new car. The Chrysler is stupidly big, huge road presence and bold design and ive been struggling to find something else which matches up to it in design (and budget!). Then I came across the Edge, I love the size of it, the American truck style front and the fact that there arent many around on the road, its big, bold and affordable (would be getting a used 2016/17 model). Just wondered if Id be making the right choice as comments on here and reviews seem to be very mixed, do any of you regret buying one and for the more regular users of this forum whats the 'general feel' of owners? The one thing holding me back is annoyingly what lets my 300c down, the interior. Pretty cheap/plasticy and pretty ugly compared to other cars Ive been looking at, its also annoying that most of the ones I can afford have halogen lights wtff! But still theres something drawing me to it, its at the top end of my budget and I can get 'better' cars for cheaper but they just dont have that feel! The alternative is most likely a C class for the economy and £30 a year tax.