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  1. The police have a few theories, mainly the plates get used for transporting stolen cars as the thieves know that you’ve taxed and insured it so ANPR won’t ping. Also for ringing but less likely. The annoying thing is the amount of parking tickets, congestion charge and being pulled over that happens. I sorted it last time by being issued a new reg by DVLA for free. Haven’t seen anything on the last set (diff car) but no doubt I’ll get pulled over loads. Can’t complain as they are doing their job but it’s always tense until they get the crime ref as they don’t know whether you’re the criminal or not.
  2. No, these are domed star heads but there’s a little spike in the middle so you need the special tool. 1 - pliars would get there in the end 2 - the car would be damaged 3 - if they bust the spike it won’t be easy to get off So a good deterrent but not if someone’s equipped. Having had two sets pinched in the past I think I’ll stick to standard fittings and just hope it’s not going to happen again. Weirdly one set was a personalised plate which I bought as they are less likely to be nicked. London. [emoji2371]
  3. Coincidentally I’ve just bought plates for my car. The supplier has some security screws so I’ve bought some to see if they are any good. Will report back!
  4. You can get 3M ones from amazon or Halfords. That plate won’t be going anywhere with that.
  5. Having had two cars’ plates pinched in less than a few years, I’d be looking to make it harder to remove than easier. It’s a huge pita For what you want they look fine. Have you thought about just tape on the back if you want a clean look?
  6. Smart repair means they do a smaller patch rather than the whole bumper. They colour match quite well so there’s not a huge amount of blending areas in etc. Plus it’s quicker so less labour cost.
  7. Now why did you do that?!!! I agree. It can’t be unseen. A bit like the i8 looking like it’s giving birth to a 911...
  8. The good news is that as you don’t appear to have metallic paint (on my phone so pic tiny) they should be able to match up a smart repair nicely. Usually they quote per corner so have a look around and remember it’s best to go on recommendations as they are mainly franchises
  9. This Or this [emoji848] Either way, belter of a throw back post!
  10. I’ve skip read this so hopefully won’t upset anyone. I have two different types of cruise control in my cars, one optical based and one radar based. The radar one works well and can do (I’m not happy using it) in bad weather. The optical one often just gives up. So you may be right behind someone using it and the sun hits the screen, poof and it switches itself off. That’s way more dangerous. I don’t know what the ford one is based on but as said, driver aids. The ones in my cars are meant to take you to a stop but I’ve bottled it every single time letting it do it itself. Especially as so far self parking it’s scuffed three of its wheels.
  11. Popular mod on Porsches. No downside IMO ! It can make the gearbox stiffer to use when cold and generally harder work. If it’s a new thing has there been any feedback yet?
  12. Great thanks, I had a search but didn’t find anything. Will have another go [emoji1303] I’m just looking at the screen so good to hear
  13. Hi All I bought a 2014/65 car because I needed a non-turbo. When I was searching I noticed the 2015s on have a much nicer screen, like this one. What would I need to upgrade? I have a Zetec with Bluetooth and voice control, standard stereo I think Thanks!