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  1. Interesting! How long does it take? Concerned the battery will be knackered!
  2. If he’s not using it and doesn’t need it then the should return it. I thought motability was a govt funded scheme to help those with disabilities get around, not to provide a car to sit there just in case. Honestly thought you had to evidence why you needed one. Sounds like the warranty is ok now it’s been serviced. That goes for any car, not just motability - you have to keep it all going or the dealer/manufacturer is within their right to drop the warranty if the car isn’t maintained to requirements stated by the manufacturer.
  3. I also need to do a sync upgrade, found that on the Ford site so will check up and let you all know. Thanks so much for the help!
  4. Great thanks. Will pop out and take a look in a bit [emoji1303]
  5. I’ve done a search, can’t find what I need Also can’t find my manuals... How do you stream music over Bluetooth? I have a 2014 car (64) with the standard Zetec stereo, has a Bluetooth phone set up. I see I can play via USB, haven’t tried that yet but can’t see an option for streaming. Thanks!
  6. I couldn’t even see what I’m supposed to download so you’re ahead of me [emoji1787]
  7. Yep. Experience of London traffic in SW means it is a requirement not an option sadly. I find it hugely annoying but a necessity.
  8. Unfortunately once I’ve stuffed two kids in and all their junk I usually don’t remember, plus tbh if it is programmable dunno why I should have to. Would be nice to have it on a menu in the settings same as many other manufacturers. I’d understand it if it was flat out not possible. As said above, I start in a nice area, don’t always end up in one. One thing to note, all cars these days unlock in a crash. Regardless of settings or whether it has been manually locked or not. They have for about 20 years, was a feature highlighted on a 1995 BMW I had when I bought it. I was worried about getting stuck and asked. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Hull, I’m guessing it’s probably nicer since the 90s!
  9. Thanks - I’ve ordered that, had a first glance at the very confusing Forscan site and will have more questions!
  10. Guessing you don’t live in London (or big city). All my other cars do this automatically so I don’t remember in the Fiesta. I’ve seen people have their doors opened in traffic and suitcases taken, bags taken, phones taken, etc. If someone is going to nick the car when I get into it they’re welcome to it. This is more to stop opportune theft and something I’m surprised isn’t selectable. I’ve got this on cars ten years older so was a bit disappointed I need to buy a cable and ***** around with coding.
  11. I’m useless with stuff like this. Can someone recommend a place in London or Reading who can help me or do you guys usually use the dealer for changes? I just want auto lock to work. Don’t really want to buy all the kit - VWs and BMWs seem much easier to find specialists hence why I ask if the dealers can make these changes? Thanks!
  12. Reflection was pretty bad in my car over the weekend. I get the function over form on the mat but only question is what happens to it if the airbags go off? I was amazed how bad the visibility was with bright sunlight.
  13. This might help you