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  1. Ah right didnt know ford themselves sell them... thanks lids
  2. I get this sometimes with my 2012 model. Go under your bonnet and unplug your ECU connector, give it a good blow make sure theres no crap there and plug it back in. Give that a try, works a treat for me
  3. Sounds like its hunting and they cuts off. Do your service your car well? Maybe Try getting a new fuel filter to start with. Start with the cheapest solutions 😆
  4. Check driveshaft, try give it a spin with your hand. If theres alot of play maybe that could be your issue
  5. Title says it all, just wondering if anybody has been able to grab themselves a good pair of wind deflectors for the new shape focus.
  6. Yeah, i gave you guys a call yesterday and you gave me a offer for 7k when my current insurance is 2.5 thanks anyway haha
  7. waiting on my new ford focus to arrive, has anybody put any new mods on these cars yet except remaps?
  8. Well, after my engine falling out of my car midway through the motorway, I have decided to get a new car. Ford Focus St-Line x. Shadow Black with a panoramic sunroof. 1.0 ecoboost manual. Ill be swapping over my tdi-tuning chip to spice the 125bhp upto 150ish. Apart from this, would anyone else recommend any other little touch ups to the new focus? Any recommendations welcome
  9. Shall i just do a quote on your actual website?
  10. We never went nowhere near the ABS module. Unless they have a tendency to just break. Will check wheel bearings. Ever since the clutch change the car steers to the left but thats down to the tracking. This cars a money pit haha
  11. Ive replaced the drive shaft too... hm
  12. Said something about the abs sensor. replaced it and i have the same issue. I dont have a clue whats happened. Still doing the weird stuff. If i do 5mph and use the brakes the peddle bounces. As soon as the lights come on the brakes are fine.
  13. I plugged a device and and found out that its a mechanical fault. My bet is its something to do with the drive shaft.
  14. Yeah, when i stop the car and turn it back on the traction control light will go off but the abs light will be on. I will drive to about 5 mph, 5mph is where i feel a rumble and hear a mad noise. Then after 5mph around 10mph the lights will come back on, steering will go heavy, but the rumble will go if i was to do 5mph again with the light on
  15. A very long story short, I just changed my clutch and flywheel. Every time I start my car and set of my car suddenly puts the ABS light on and traction control light. Steering goes heavy, hill assist goes off, auto stop start goes off and my spedo doesn't work but my revs do! I've checked behind the wheels for damage on the sensors but they look fine, help?