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  1. First off all i had it where i couldnt change the volume of my audio due to the waze app or something. Now i had a warning saying my emergancy sos button isnt working (ive tested it and it does) and the most annoying thing is 7/10 times only the back speakers work! My
  2. Right so this is due to the Waze app? This is constantly happening to me its driving me mad. I always use the Waze app too, shame to see it go haha...
  3. Why would I do that though? I'm not keeping the car, I want to hand it back to fords and let them deal with it (if they find out)
  4. quite deep like, some small ones, all down the side of a car. Car crashed into the side of me side on side
  5. Thanks, do you know anything good for the shadow black colour?
  6. Hello, Does anyone know what I need to do to get some scratches out the side of my car (Cheap as possible) been quoted £600 to fix the whole side of my car respray and get some dents out but im just looking to fill the scratches as cheap as possible as the dents are noticeable. Can anyone help me out, brand new focus stealth black I think it might be. If anyone can recommend scratch removal kits or filling in pens etc be much appreciated
  7. Ah right ok so in my friends case that's illegal but in repair issues its legal? I understand now, I'l ring my mate now before he does anything he will regret! Thanks for the info
  8. My friend wanted to hand his car back to fords but was over the miles for the year by like 6k so he wanted to get 6.5k chopped off but the feller warned him that these new dashboards can show xxxx as some sort of thing to stop people from doing this obviously. Anyone heard of this before
  9. Haha, did you have to pay again to get it put back to 31k?
  10. Asking for a friend, ive heard sometimes it shows up xxxx when trying to reset. anyone ?
  11. Hello, i got my st like x with no options except the panam roof, i really regret not getting the decent lights. Ive been looking at getting the led headlights which cost around £330 a unit. Just wondering if any of you guys know if this will be plug and play kinda thing or will it be abit more deeper than that. I asked ford and they dont know.. cheers
  12. Ah right didnt know ford themselves sell them... thanks lids
  13. Title says it all, just wondering if anybody has been able to grab themselves a good pair of wind deflectors for the new shape focus.
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