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  1. Oh yeah, none of this is Dan's fault. I'm not blaming him. As far as I know too bloke. Everyone has a job to do. I work for a soul sucking rip off of a company. But it pays a wage. Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  2. Glad you got to the bottom of it. Also just to add publicly as flux have commented. I had an accident with flux it took 3 months before they sorted it. After much hassle. I was so angry at them they weren't able to say it was a wrote off on a car value of £600 and every panel including rear quarter was damaged by someone going down the side of me. After two months I wanted the engine out of the broken car that was taken up space. They told me they wouldn't touch anything if I changed stuff around. Even though they had had two months at this point to sort it. I spent hours on the phone. When it came to me Christmas break. I removed the engine anyhow. I eventually got a pay out after 3 months. I wouldn't use flux again ever. Which is a shame as I was with them a few years with no issues. Obviously not realising when an accident happened it would go like this. Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
  3. Where are you man? Jokes aside. Off you're Suffolk area you can swing by one evening and I'll run my eyes over it.
  4. What was done to make it run right? Im assuming it was a relearn of the phonic wheel? Also what a prat. Im going self employed very soon and I'd never have treated you the way his done [emoji23].
  5. Adrian flux Sky Brentcare (who I exclusively use, email them my mods they stick it on there and then no need for a phone call. They only raise premium with a significant increase of bhp)
  6. Basically if it's even slightly different to it's learned timing and it will be. You'll never get a cambelt exactly the same. To many varients. Im talking less than 1000s of an inch out. It'll throw a wobbly. I've had a look on a few fiat forums today and it seems to be a common issue with these engines. Have a Google [emoji106]
  7. I've been looking into this. Go to ford. Ask them to reset the parameters for the "phonic wheel" at least that's what the fiat dealers call this. Have a Google at misfire after cambelt change with fiat 500 or Punto with that 1.2 engine. Unfortunately I don't have the kit to do it. Someone on here may be able to. Not sure if forscan can do it.
  8. I'd personally be throwing a ***** wobbly at the first mechanic. Just my 2p. ***** goes wrong 2 miles after you do something. You fix it for free. That's good practice for any mechanic.
  9. No my bonus works on money the company gets so we never earn. I also get moaned at about it constantly. I hate bonus schemes.
  10. Impact tools, 2 post ramps, pressure bleeder, 13 years in the motor trade. Im a fast worker. I also cleared 9.5 hours work today in 7 hours so I could get these done [emoji23]. Yes the brake is a lot firmer and also more progressive. Not sure if that makes sense to you. Also I used your guide as well, looked at it beforehand. Ask Tom on here. He knows what I work like [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Done the rear brake conversion from drums to discs this afternoon. Took hour and a half. Man these things are easy to work on [emoji23]. Didn't fit complete axle. Removed all relevant components from the st one. Scrapped st axle. Fitted all relevant components to my axle while on vehicle. I'd take pictures but the disc is all surface rusty. So I'll have a few drives then take a picture [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Are we all posting 306s now? [emoji23][emoji23].
  13. Did this happen imidiatly after putting the filter on? If so put it back to standard. The performance air filter does nothing to the performance. Hate to tell you that. Did you remove the MAF sensor? Some people do so I have to ask.