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  1. Drums actually create far more braking force than discs if adjusted correctly. Because they have a far greater surface area contact and also have a self servo effect. That being said they do not dissapate heat as fast. The last 306 I built I actually kept the drums and fitted a GTi axle. Reason being is they're better for road use imo. Even on track days I've done and I've done a fair amount. They never once overheated. It's always the fronts to go.
  2. Gtd1244v hybrid from HDI tuning is 175hp. But that's bolt on. Bolt one cheating [emoji23] I like dabbing my own and making it work to prove a point. Really need to learn to map edc16 I can only map edc15 at the moment. Maybe now's the time to learn.
  3. I'll probably .of this one to be fair. It was just an idea. Seems wierd. New car brand to me. It'll get a stage 1 for now till I can build up some bits. Got a spare Mani sitting about to fab up a turbo on.
  4. It's cause they've all been told they're causing issues and get shot now before anything major happens
  5. Dsg models are a little harder to trick. I can't remember the procedure off top of my head as I dont see many to be honest. They've all broken [emoji23]. I think I might get one diesel dsg a month.
  6. So a small update. She got beat with the lowering stick. It looks and feels much better now. 35mm nothing major. Took an entire 50 mins to change all four. So easy job with Ramps and air tools. On a side note. I can't see a single fiesta diesel engine conversion anywhere. Im wondering why. What does the fiesta share it's engine compartment with. Like the 205 has the same engine mount configuration as the 306,305,zx,bx,405 for example. Why hasn't anyone wedged a 2 litre HDI in one yet. They're cracking engines capable of mass power specially with the 16 v head. Easy to control as well. Im from a PSA background btw [emoji23] hence the knowledge
  7. I don't want to sound like a typical mechanic here. But I have a snap on light that has a normal torch function and a really thin bit so you can poke it in places. Was a pretty penny. I barely buy snap on. But my lights kept ***** up got it on deal for 100. It's he best light I've ever had. Had it two years in the trade, dropped it 10 times a day and it just continues to live.
  8. I didn't want to sound that harsh [emoji23]
  9. Brake hose may have collapsed internally. I would've been checking that before and pump. Abs pumps are meant to be a straight through line unless emergency situations. Brake hoses sometimes cause a restriction. If not master cylinder internally could have an issue however I've never seen them like that. Surely your mechanic should have a reasonable idea and not just replace parts?
  10. As Tom says don't bother with aftermarket *****. Not worth it for mafs. I have this argument at work on the regular. They cause more issues than they solve.
  11. Also highly recommend the stage 1 from Steve. My 207 has that map. Really impressed with power delivery and drivability.
  12. Got a couple of years enjoy it I say. I live in the sticks so they won't be putting any enforcement on us. I need the car to get places and food
  13. Also just to add this will be going "stage 1" quote unquote. When I have some cash. Won't be staying like it Hough. I've already got my eye on a turbo setup I wanna use that hasn't been done before. Gt2052s. It's what ive used before. Reliable cheap and good for 200.