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  1. Petrol Prices

    i only use shell or esso, never use supermarket petrol, less mpg as they have more additives per litre than shell does. so shell might be 1 or 2p more expensive but i get more mpg with it. so in the long run tescos sainsburys etc cost more
  2. Delayed Acceleration

    they can do a live feed test so they will run the car and monitor what doing what and when and where the fault is ext. my focus wouldn't run only DCT on standard diagnostic was running lean bank 1, when the did that they wiped the ecu memory deleting the code and the car wouldn't run, took it to a diagnostics center and for £80 they told me it was the fuel pump gods knows how they got it running but they did and on a rolling road worked out what it was. £80 seems alot but i could have spent 5 times that working through everything the would make it run lean
  3. Delayed Acceleration

    In dash DCT won't tell u what it is, you need to go to a diagnostic centre or local garage to get it read properly
  4. mines petrol but mine wouldn't start on an uphill also would drive up steep hills very well either, mine finally packed in altogether and had to replace the fuel pump, not sure how diesels work as never had one but my guess would be fuel pressure, air leak or fuel pump. my guess fuel pump
  5. Diagnostic Code Reader

    surely if u hook it up to a laptop then that would be the best way to do it?
  6. Trouble Starting.

    i would get a diagnostics done first before splashing out on parts
  7. Engine Cuts Out :s

    check ur battery and alternator seems odd ur battery light is coming on and it does have the symptoms of a knackered alternator, you can normally get this checked for free at some places, Wilcos does it free here but dunno where u r. Other than that could be many things, code scan is your best bet or u end up throwing money at it
  8. Code P0231

    ah thanks for that, managed to fix the rest
  9. Dtc Codes

    i agree with above, if it's been there 2 months then somethings not right, a normal diagnostics won't always pick up faults, you probably need to get a live feed done. i had my focus on diagnostics and it came up with nothing, but i had to take to to a specialist diagnostics and they found 2 fault codes. although my car did have major issues. how often does your car run on under a quarter of a tank?? If not very often try running it below a quater and try going round a few sharp rght hand bends (roundabouts are good) see if the cars power drops
  10. Dtc Codes

    long shot but how much fuel do u have in the tank when u do the in dash test? if the level is low then it might just be because of the try half a tank full see if it comes up with it then, might wanna try disconnecting the battery first for 15. if u have plenty of fuel when u tried it then i don't know, codes generally don't appair for no reason esp if they wont go away
  11. Why Do People Park So Close

    opposite problem at mine, cars leave enough room between each other to fit 3 quarters of my estate car in, which sounds great but means i have to park down the road away from my house because theres no room left to get my car in, if they all moved a little closer i could get in too,
  12. Overheating

    Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor buggered?
  13. Dtc Codes

    what car u got?
  14. Dtc Codes

    well thats the fuel sender unit, could be on it's way out, do u ever find that your fuel gauge reads lower than it should, i.e it say u have a quarter of a tank when u know it should have a half full tank? or does it take upto 30 seconds from when u turn on the ignition for it to register? I have just finished replacing my fuel pump/sender unit today, pain in the !Removed! !Removed!