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  1. sorry I meant replacable
  2. Does anyone know if there is a module or lateral movement sensor in the passenger side of the dash that's a replicable item? Thanks for any comments
  3. Afternoon everyone, I have a 2010 Focus 1.6 D and think I have a problem with the ESP. When corning right it sounds like a ball bearing rolling on the passenger side of the dash I then get like a whoohsing noise and then you can feel it cut the power to the wheel(s). I don't get this problem when I opposite corner right. When I turn the ESP off from the dash menu it all stops and seems to be normal. Im not doing f1 corning speeds so don't really know whats going on here, any help would be much appreciated.
  4. tbh I shift when I want to shift but the hanging revs are a real pain but when the shift light does not come on after the car has warmed up the revs don't hang is this normal?
  5. Thanks for your reply pragmatix, I do have forescan and the wireless ELM and there are a few fault codes on there, but I was wondering if the green shift light is the same for everyone else (like hanging revs) and when the engine has warned they no longer get the shift light. Thanks again
  6. Afternoon Folks, I have a 2010 focus zetec 1.6 tdci When the engine is cold I get the green shift come on to change gear but when I change gear the revs hang quite a lot (pretty annoying and this is any amount of revs after the light pops up), but after my daily motorway journey on normal roads I don't get the green shift come on and when I do change gear the revs drop like I would expect (no hanging) is this right? or should the shift light come on weather the engine is cold or up to temp?. The revs only hang when im getting the shift light come on...just seems a bit strange or maybe its not I have noticed that on start up its a bit rough and a bit of smoke comes out of the exhaust and after reading its probably a glow plug or plugs failing. I have been debating weather I should try to replace these myself as ive read some horror stories about them sheering off, but was wondering if the hanging revs are linked to these failing parts? Thanks for any comments
  7. Im no expert here as ive only had my focus 1.6tdci a month (and ive had my own problems!) but I have read a few times about sluggish performance and uphill struggles, possible fuel filter issue.
  8. I shall monitor things for now and once again try to get to grips with Forscan this weekend. The fact my main problem of the car cutting out appears to be solved I'm pretty happy with things. Thanks for your help Peter and the other folks who have messaged, I've learnt quite a bit so far. I give an update when I use Forscan.
  9. Thank you Peter, it seems as I do have a DPF then, there is a bunch of circular shielding below the turbo. Would you know if this is the system that has an additive top up tank? Im still getting this power reduction after my motorway journey and maybe I underestimated yesterday how much acceleration it is taking away and tbh it feels like there is no turbo at all . Its pretty much the same as what I described the other day as 'limp mode', but im still able to do 85 on the motor way, if your car has been put into limp mode could you still do 85mph?, after the motorway on normal roads it seems im missing the turbo pull and im doing my mpg in by putting my foot down to get a decent or a bit of acceleration going, whereas when the car is cold or a short journey you don't really need much throttle when the turbo is pulling you up the road. Peter you mentioned the possibility of the regeneration process going on but im not sure this should take so much away from accelerating? Sorry to keep pumping the question in but on a different subject - power steering whine. I understand its an electric motor that drives the hydraulic rams? in any case it is quite noisy in the cabin. You can hear it wind down when you have not used the steering for about 10ish seconds but then as soon as you steer again (no surprise) you can here it activate again but has a constant whine that is quiet audible from inside and outside the car. I looked at the fluid level which seemed to be ok and did read that the hoses themselves can cause this whine? Just to add that again for the second day I have not experienced any cutting out or rev dropping etc. it looks like it was deffo that loose earth wire Thanks for any comments or suggestions.
  10. Thanks Peter for your comments , I will have a closer look at the hoses. I still have not got Forscan running yet I keep meaning to do it but it always seems im short on time! Ok, silly question time, how do I know if I have DPF?
  11. ok so did a bunch of thinks to the car on the weekend (oil & filter + water pump belts and tension pulley ect) and I noticed under the air box assembly there are several earthing points one of which was really loose and literally just pulled away from its crimp with no effort, so obviously repaired it. Drove the car back 30 mins last night and 45 mins to work today and I had no problems at all. Tried to make the car do its "cut out thing" but nothing. I was finding that if I changed to second gear from first and put my foot down it would cause the rev drop/cut out thing but as I said this is not happening now or atm!. I did not take the EGR out as I ran out of time with the other bits. Im hoping that this one loose earth has sorted my problem, although its seems a bit of an easy fix for the issue I was getting, but who knows time will tell. Can I ask question this time about performance loss after a 45 min motorway journey it feels like the turbo is giving me reduced power (not like limp mode) the turbo is there but just seems like ive lost about 20/30% of its pull. Could this be the fact after my 45 min motorway journey everything is up to full operating temperature and the old turbo and intercooler hosed are collapsing a bit? I guess this would cause an apparent lack of power when hot. Is this a possiblility? The car is fine when cold. Again thanks for any comments
  12. ok, Thanks for that Peter I was going to try to remove the EGR for a good clean up anyway but thought a periodic additive would help reduce this build up again, but tbh I may look into a recon turbo for the oil leak as I guess the build up will just start again. I shall report back after this weekend. cheers
  13. That's great info Peter, thanks again. I will have a good look around this weekend with all the other bits to do as well (sorry girlfriend!!) is there some kind of additive I can put in with my fuel to help with these deposits? and whilst im on about additives are any of these fuel injector cleaners any good also to be added with your fuel? Thank you
  14. Just wanted to add a bit more on the turbo oil leak as the more I think about this the more I think its the root of my problem. I don't seem not get any smoke out the back on start up or whilst planting my foot. The oil seemed to be leaking on the intercooler side as you could see a small puddle on the turbo housing when the pipe was removed and also the pipe that feeds the intercooler looked caked in oil at the bottom bend.
  15. Thank you isetta for your reply, I will look into the fuses this weekend. I did the turn off the ESP but the fault still occurred Also thanks again Peter for your detailed response, Hopefully I can setup Forscan with the ELM327 this weekend to dial into this. I will also check the earth leads and take some voltage reading from the battery. I did have an issue to day where the revs dropped a couple of times and then the ESP light came on but this time I lost power so I guess it went into limp mode, felt like I had no turbo. Turned the car off and then on and it seemed to be ok after that. Plugged the reader in and this time it generated fault code P042F - Exhaust gas recirculation 'A' control stuck closed. (ive attached a pic) After a bit of reading these valves can be cleaned and still an issue but maybe a faulty sensor. I did notice on the weekend that my turbo is leaking oil from the inside and im wondering if this is sooting or clogging things up. At least I have something now and was wondering if this is the route of all my probs and hoping its not a new fault! Once again I appreciate any info, thanks