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  1. Once you have set the tyres to the correct pressures, go into the tyre pressure monitor screen and press ok to store the new pressures. Warning light should go off then unless one of the sensors isn't reading correctly.
  2. Sync 3 you can update yourself either by using the automatic updates function on the sync screen or by going to and type in your VIN. Will check for sync and map updates.
  3. I think it will only be a free update if it is considered a recall. If you just want to run the latest firmware, then Ford would charge you to update.
  4. I picked up a new ST Line X last week. Dealer had set pressures to 41 PSI all round. Car felt very skittish and hard on way home. When I checked door pillar they should be 33 front and 26 rear, so reset once tyres had cooled after a couple hours. Felt much better ride the next day.
  5. Dragon is the Ford internal name for the 1.5l 3cyl EcoBoost engine.
  6. The website is out of date. This was changed in May as previously stated. You used to be able to order the CCD damping option on the configuration site if selecting 1.5 182PS ST Line X but now that option is not available as it can only be fitted with multilink setup.
  7. The thing is Ford can wriggle out of this because in the small print in the brochure it does say specifications can change and to check with dealer at time if ordering, or words to that effect. But then most dealers don't know much either.
  8. The average factory order takes approx 12 weeks. Build can slip though do to parts shortages or problems identified in build etc. Transport delays once built, factory summer shutdown for 3 weeks.
  9. I'd advise changing the slave cylinder as well when doing clutch. Will save in labour costs in the long run as you need to take gearbox off to do both.
  10. Sport mode increases throttle response, turns off start/stop and also tightens up steering feel. I mostly drive in sport mode in my 1.0 125 ST Line X. You should definitely be able to tell the difference between eco and sport. As a test, put in in eco and drive along. Keeping foot steady on gas pedal, put into sport mode and you should feel the car surge forward slightly as the throttle response is increased.
  11. You may also need steering rack limiter fitted if your standard wheels are only 16/17 inch otherwise you run the risk of rubbing on full lock.
  12. Have a look at the idle control valve. It might be stuck open. My 2.0l used to do this. It was on the back of the block. Took mine off and cleaned it with carb cleaner. Beware not to lose the paper gasket.
  13. If it's a clonking/knocking sound as you go round bends, it could be the droplinks need replacing. One either side between anti roll bar and wishbone/strut. Had to do this several times over the 12 years I had a mk1 focus.
  14. Sorry i thought that you had the 1.0 as you were comparing yours to your missus 1.0 lol. Im sure there will be maps to bring the 180 up to 200+ available in time. The 1.5 also comes in 150bhp in the nornal ST Line and other focus models.
  15. Should have got the 1.5 EcoBoost. Same engine as fiesta ST and 180 bhp. Will think abiht this next year.