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  1. I don't think it's possible through Forscan, it's something that's only done through the Xenon lamps which have the cornering ability. I've seen retrofitted lights but again it's a question of legality of using them, most of the mods I've seen have either used DRL lights or tapped into the fog lamps. Those was mostly American drivers, which from what I've seen they don't bat an eyelid over.
  2. Thanks all for the info, now off to see if I can find any. The wire diagram is going to be useful for the door lights
  3. That's what you in the Land Rover forums when off-roading, a third of the convo is about tyres, the rest about pressure and surface grip! 🤣
  4. OK, the next project (and I've lost my notes hence the post) is to fit some power folding mirrors, especially since one of my mirrors has already been clipped by a numpty. Does anyone have the part no's or a link to a place I can buy a pair. I have the global opening/close so I assume I have the necessary wiring as below. Also is it necessary to have the driver controls with the power mirror over-ride ? If so, I'll need that part no. as well, This will likely the last external mod I'll be doing before I get the car wrapped, unless of course I can find a ST spoiler. The paint on the Focus is a lot 'softer' than my Mk 2 and is picking up scuffs/scratches/chips too easily sadly. Also I assume the back cover just swaps over so don't need to get the new ones painted? Thanks.
  5. Aye, you can buy pillows for your wheels to help keep their shape if you don't drive daily. my friends RS was on pillows when he wasn't driving it during Winter, it was that or sticking it on blocks to remove the wheels.
  6. The first lasted two, maybe three, years. covered about 18k on mostly country roads going by the purchase date. Was on the second set when it was declared SORN and written off due to rust on the rear axle mounts.
  7. Not precisely what you're asking but I ran Pirelli P7 tyres for my Mk 2 for 5+ years, excellent in the wet and half way decent in snow. They can be roughly found for the same price as the Avon's if you shop around. I used to do high mileage which is what these tyres are also good for in regards to wear.
  8. Thanks to you both for the ideas and help, once I get round to it I'll post up my results.
  9. Thanks Phil, that proved useful information and puddle lights seems to be the way forward. Although I might try and figure out the door latch pin out when I get the door panel off. I'll probably line the reflector well with the aluminium tape I have lying around and put the strips either side to give a more even light.
  10. No worries Photobucket screwed a lot of good posts doing that move, would a 3528 SMD strip in the reflector well and then tied into the door latch switch for power/activation work or would it have to go through the interior lights or other source? Thanks
  11. Wilco I believe it was yourself that had a guide how to do door warning lights with LEDs? I can't seem to find the post as it's a mod I was looking to do myself.
  12. This might explain things, it's another maintenance point and when you first install you need to monitor it closely to ensure that it doesn't overfill. Also there is a huge variance in catch cans with regards to ease of use, build quality and cost. They're more common in America and Australia than Europe.
  13. I've got these, but still to fit them, but I've got a standard Focus. https://parts.vospers.com/genuine-ford-focus-mk3-front-rear-mudflaps-mudguards.html
  14. Depending on if you have power fold versus non-power fold (or other features) probably around £60 to £100-120 ish for a non-OEM version. Not sure if it includes a harness, nor it's price. If you still have the cap/mirror then that makes swapping a new one easier, you can head to a breakers to see what they have and see if you can get lucky.
  15. You should try an Audi, friends A4 BE has been in the garage more times than I remember for electronics since December. You'd expect better for a car that cost the better part of 35k. LED lights failure, MMS glitches and failure, various interior lights flickering, HVAC throwing out hot hair instead of cool (great in the recent weather) and weird timing issues with the engine electrics. Oh and the latest was the dashboard completely blanking out at 70mph. It's a running joke the dealer is his second garage now. All cars have glitches, the more electronics you stuff into a car the greater chance of a failure or 'quirk'.