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  1. This will be my last ICE car, the next one will be electric probably a Jaguar as the iPace is a wonderful SUV to drive but I have another 3-4 years before I have to start looking.
  2. I have this issue, just stick the keys in the compartment behind the gear stick close as possible to the centre console. For some reason the radio signal doesn't work especially on cold days. Car was into the garage three times to get it diagnosed but they just held their hands up so I just use this work around when needed.
  3. I got about 120k out of my old 1.8 diesel, after the front got rebuilt due to being written off and then in it's last year it caught fire. Had to give it up in the end the rust got into the framework which would have required too much welding sadly. Apart from a battery failure (and the fire due to the alternator seizing) the car never let me down not bad for 60-70k+ I did in it.
  4. Cree is an American designer and manufacturer of the LED chips, it's up to other manufacturers to design and build the actual housing/circuitry (one of the reasons you can get 'bad' Cree lights). They're considered some of the best, if not the best chips you can buy but there is other LED chip manufacturers. I don't really use eBay very often, as I get most of what I need at trade stores.
  5. If you do want to replace the bulbs with something a bit brighter then I can recommend the Autobeam lights, as that's what I use in my own Focus. https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/focus-mk2-0-2004-2008 Other than that, rigging up the solution like Stephen's is great especially if you're trying to hook up a tow hitch at night! I used a dual purpose white/amber light on a friends Focus for that purpose, I think it was a Banksman BM3 for trucks, to avoid dazzling people in cities it was rigged to an over-ride switch which would enable/disable linking with the reversing light automatically to comply with the MOT. If you look around on the commercial vehicle companies that sell lighting then you'll find a bunch of slimline lighting that can be taped, bonded or bolted to a bumper or tailgate. You can easily add a second reversing light to your rear light housing depend on if you have any clear glass and get grommet LED's for this purpose and all you'd have to do is drill a small hole into the rear light cluster.
  6. Ennvoqation


    Depends on the DRL controller, but if you tap into the sidelights wiring to provide power then it should work.
  7. It was flagged as potential malware on my system 😂
  8. The Nextbase kit that I got had both normal and micro, it was the micro I used and installed.
  9. As far as I'm aware we're keeping most of the EU laws until reviewed/changed.I suspect many car parts will retain the same legislation because of cross border travel and/or international markets.
  10. I've fitted these to my Mk 3.5 Focus, nothing worse than knocking the strut bar loose and it gives you more freedom to move around the bay.
  11. It could worse, the new Polestar 2 not only has a tablet, but it's based off Android. All it's about is saving cash, it's easier and cheaper to install a tablet control the functions across the range not user ergonomics. Sadly the German case won't have as much of an impact we hoped for as it's non-binding but does give a warning shot across the bow. Just going to wait to see how this fad plays out as I don't need to buy a car for the next few years.
  12. No but still a useful channel, I'll ask my friend as he's the one that bounced it to me way back. It was in Polish with English sub-titles.
  13. Only site I know is the Ford ETIS site, but you have to pay to get access to the manual/diagrams. You can get basic access for free for service schedules/config. https://www.etis.ford.com/selectedVehicleDetails.do Alan Hewitt over YouTube does a lot of info on their taxi fleet of Mondeo cars, there was a Polish channel as well that stripped down a Mk 3 but I can't find it at the mo.
  14. There's also a large selection of YouTube videos that cover various cars. Quality can be variable, but if combined with other sources it's a great visual guide to figure out how things go together and if there's no videos it's always an idea to do your own even for private usage. Something I'm currently doing is a Land Rover rebuild and conversion from the frame up to a full off-road mobile home for a friend.
  15. < Snip Magna Volt ad> You should see the South African systems. it was more to stop car jacking but has been modified as a anti-theft over the years: https://youtu.be/fDrzMGdYWZc