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  1. Big thank you to mastachaz for the new headlights, they're in and working 🙂 Those Vland lights remind me a lot of the Audi or the new Focus Mk 4 DRLs and it's nice to see an RS in red!
  2. Go with a brand name such as Phillips or Osram, you'll get a better result and longer lifespan. I use Osram in the rear lights, not touched the front lights yet but one consideration is look at a 'surround' driving light rather than replacing the bulbs in your fog lights. They're fairly easy to fit, and I believe there's a guide here. They usually either replace the fascia round the fog light or bolt into the existing bodywork.
  3. What do you want for them and do you have any images? Drop me a PM and I'll get back to you later 🙂
  4. Shopping around to see where's the best price to get a pair of LED DRL headlights (Halogen), so far best I've found is a new set for £300+ P&P on Ebay. The car originally came with them but the garage swapped them (or someone did) before I got it as the car is programmed for them. I'd prefer new, but I'd accept s/h if in good condition. Thanks
  5. Might be worth doing a engine clean as that might help, but that's a great wee return.
  6. Bit of a random topic. What's the best mileage you've gotten from your car? I manged to pull 68.3mpg out of the hat this weekend with a 2015 Focus 1.5 Diesel (120 variant) doing over 400 miles on a mixture of mostly dual carriageway but including city driving as well, the trip computer showed the final range is estimated at 750-780miles varying. Not that bad for an high mileage engine!
  7. Aye the car I first learned in was a Mini, you had to double declutch and play guessing games with the revs to get it in gear Then I learned to drive Bedford trucks, those was terrifying.... Especially going down the M6 at 40mph (with tailwind) and then the gear stick pops out randomly. People wonder why I drive today with my hand on the gear stick. 😄
  8. I learned to drive with a crash gearbox;. Syncromesh 'twas but a dream! It wasn't so much a case of driving but more aiming in the general direction you wanted to go and hoped it'd make it out the other side... That and the gear stick having a habit of popping out when going downhill.
  9. This is the Osram page with all the products LEDriving Xenarc There's a video of it, note this is for a Mk 3 Focus, not the facelift.
  10. Osram is apparently going to release their LEDriving headlights for the Focus 3.5, no idea when though their customer support advised me when I e-mailed them. If you have an older Mk 3 then you can already get road legal headlights just damned expensive but they do look the business.
  11. Tell me about it, been looking into it myself. £180 for a new pair on Ebay and near impossible to find second hand.
  12. Depending on the mount it can fairly easy to moderately difficult if you don't have the equipment/space. There's a number of videos on YouTube covering different models of Focus and years. I had to do it on my old Mk 2 Focus when the rear engine mount gave way making the car shake more than a washing machine. You can also get higher quality mounts which use a different plastic which last longer, but the names escape me at the mo and if you get the sports mounts tend to make the car handle differently.
  13. So probably somewhere in the 2.4Ghz range like Bluetooth/WiFi and microwaves. The latter being notorious for scrambling signals/electronics.
  14. Do you know what's the frequency of the fob for Ford, it'll be interesting to see what caused the issue. Thanks for the follow up.
  15. Why are you replacing the engine? Do you have the DTC codes from the diagnostics? It'll help pin down the fault which could be a simple spark plug/injector fault.