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  1. It could worse, the new Polestar 2 not only has a tablet, but it's based off Android. All it's about is saving cash, it's easier and cheaper to install a tablet control the functions across the range not user ergonomics. Sadly the German case won't have as much of an impact we hoped for as it's non-binding but does give a warning shot across the bow. Just going to wait to see how this fad plays out as I don't need to buy a car for the next few years.
  2. No but still a useful channel, I'll ask my friend as he's the one that bounced it to me way back. It was in Polish with English sub-titles.
  3. Only site I know is the Ford ETIS site, but you have to pay to get access to the manual/diagrams. You can get basic access for free for service schedules/config. https://www.etis.ford.com/selectedVehicleDetails.do Alan Hewitt over YouTube does a lot of info on their taxi fleet of Mondeo cars, there was a Polish channel as well that stripped down a Mk 3 but I can't find it at the mo.
  4. There's also a large selection of YouTube videos that cover various cars. Quality can be variable, but if combined with other sources it's a great visual guide to figure out how things go together and if there's no videos it's always an idea to do your own even for private usage. Something I'm currently doing is a Land Rover rebuild and conversion from the frame up to a full off-road mobile home for a friend.
  5. < Snip Magna Volt ad> You should see the South African systems. it was more to stop car jacking but has been modified as a anti-theft over the years: https://youtu.be/fDrzMGdYWZc
  6. I'm cheating, getting the wheels powder coated black. What you can't see... 🤣
  7. HID lights fall under the new rules for the MOT so you'll need to swap components and fit levelling sensors, ballasts, washers and the headlights. Unless you can find a donor car it's not worth the cost.
  8. I can normally manage 6th gear above 45, below that it's 5th gear for between 35-45. I don't get the change gear until it hits around 45-50 for the 6th gear. I've got the 120 version of the engine if that's any use.
  9. Aye, it's a straight swap with a tweak in Forscan. Ebay, Facebook and your local breakers are your best bets. Note most headlights on Ebay have broken tabs.
  10. Fords generally use EFB Stop/Start batteries, though some use AGM (a higher capacity and longer duty cycle) in some higher spec'd models. So it should be fairly easy to check the battery model number in a search engine to confirm the type. If you have neither of these types then you need to get Halfords to replace it.
  11. The batteries are standard LiPo 3.7v 280mAh (approx) battery, which can be had for around £10, It's a bit of a faff to dismantle the unit and solder a new battery but it took me about an hour for a friends camera and there's tutorials over on YouTube covering the various model. You can get larger capacities but you have to ensure the size of the battery is the same/ A good place to find these types of batteries are model shops as they're often used for RC drones and cars. For me I don't care about battery life, the camera is only used for when I'm travelling not parked up which brings it's own issues of being stolen.
  12. Aren't the Focus DRL like the Mondeo/Transit van where they have a light loop with a single LED emitter that you can just swap out? From memory it's a silver box that attaches to the headlamp and the main lamps are block units? . Scratch the block units, was thinking of another car.
  13. I've used BG44 for the diesel additive, but it should really be used as part of a overall engine clean (oil, EGR, etc). Though doing the oil can be nerve wracking. LiquiMoly is another brand I've used in the past with good results. This said, I use BP or Shell premium fuels and they'll do a similar job these days and I fill up every 4-5 times or with premium and the rest of the time with standard mix. If it's been sitting around for a while, idle the car for at least 10 min before setting off to let the oil circulate and the other parts get 'settled', otherwise you may cause damage.
  14. Here's the fuse lists: https://fuse-box.info/ford/ford-focus-2015-2018-fuses-and-relay
  15. No idea, I just saw in groups that Kenwood was an option. Wasn't paying too much attention to it and can't find the original post, was looking for a Sync 2 to Sync 3 conversion at the time.