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  1. Looking for advice again if possible, I picked up for focus maybe 3 months ago and after 1 month or so I was getting a squeaking noise form the rear brakes under low speed, breaking and turning right. After speaking to the garage I bought it from it was booked in for a strip down and clean which solved to problem. However, the past week or so the problem has returned. Any ideas what the problem may be. I have had a few opinions such as: brake dust, pad quality and dirty brakes. I’ve been told that a regular power wash of the brakes may help but I’m not sure if there’s a more underlying problem. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, wondering if anyone can help. Ive recently bought and collected a focus zetec a ecoboost. Prior to collecting the garage have kindly refurbished the alloys for me but I now have a light on my dash stating that the TPMS cannot detect a sensor. I have reset a few times and it reappears after approx 10miles. After having a quick browse online I have come across a few feeds on how the sensor may have be damaged whilst the tyres have been removed and fitted. also on how to retrain the sensors. I have managed to get so far with the training of the sensors but then it says tyre could not be trained. Any help would be appreciated thanks