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  1. I will sleep on things and see what tomorow brings. Thanks
  2. Since the initial problem a week ago, I have been taking it out on the M!, the other day i did about 80 miles, today I took it out twice on the M1 at 70mp for about 30 mins each time.I borrowed a multimeter earlier the reading was 12.1 , just took another which was 11.8, these sound bad according to google.
  3. Thanks for the reply Chris82fezza, to my disbelief the car has now unlocked. What on earth is going on. The car is not keyless entry .Just been out and the car started fine. I feel like i'm going bonkers . Maybe if the car starts tomorrow I shoud get it to a Ford dealer
  4. Hello I recently started a topic about my battery, about a week ago the car would not start and the rescue people started it for me . I have been runing the car to keep the battery topped up.I ran it twice today with no problems and ordered a smart charger from Halfords, which i was going to pick up tomorrow. However I have just been to the car and it wont respond to both my key fobs.I can't even get in. What should I do ? If I manually open the car with the key and can't start the engine will the alarm go off. Do you think my battery has died . The rescue people won't come out again for the same problem. I'm up the creek without a paddle I don't mind paying for another battery , Can anyone advise, many , thanks in advance
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. I thik as usual I've been a bit of an *****. I took the car for a 80 mile run today and when I got back the stop/start function was working again. So the charger is a good idea and my battery is probably OK , thanks brains_t. Someone else ( Cjay1 ) recommended this in my previos thread so thanks to them too. Thanks again and sorry f I've wasted your time
  6. Hello further to my last thread I have decided to have a new battery fitted. I can either have a halford mobile fitter come to the house or take it t a local Kwik Fit. As the battery has to be a stop/start one apparently it has to be registered with the on board computer. Can I please ask is this an easy thing for a fitter to do ? Would I be better taking it into a fitting station or would the mobile fitter be able to do the job easily. Funnily enough the cheaper option is the home visit. Also as the car is still under warranty do i have to take it to a Ford dealer Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks cjay1, I ahve run the car a few times for about 30 mins + each time and thought the problem had gone. However the message popped up again. Apparently my rescue service won't come out again for 28 days for the same problem. So I'm torn between getting a new battery or the charger you advised., or both. With this virus self distancing everthing is difficult. Thanks for the reply
  8. Thanks Milkman, I've done that and got my digital speedometer back. One more thing, I took the car for a longish run on Friday to charge the battery, however today upon opening the door before starting the car I got the message " turning system off to save battery " Does anyone think my battery is on It's way out The car isn't 3 year old yet. Thanks in advance
  9. Hello good people. My battery was flat due to lack of use, The rescue service started the car an I have just took the car for an hours run. On the display instead of the digita speedometer it it showing other info, eg mpg etc. If i press ok it says " hold OK to reset all computer trip 2 values " Am I ok to do this ? I don't want to cause any more trouble. I feel an idiot was needing the rescue service in the first place. Thanks in advance
  10. Many thanks for the speedy replies, I have just started the car using the second key and the engine started first time without the clutch, after that i needed to press the clutch to start the car, so it seems a bit hit and miss. Thanks once again
  11. Hello today i picked up my 67 plate zetec 1.1. I am a little confused, at the garage i started the car by turning the key. Since using the car i have been turning the stop/start function off. Now when i try to start the car, I have to turn the key and a message appears saying " press clutch to start engine " which i do. Is this normal ? Thank you kindly
  12. Hi I recently posted to say I am buying a Fiesta. I am paying tomorrow and picking up the vehicle in a few days. The car still has about 17 months warranty left and I had no intention of extending it. When i declined the extended warranty the salesman dropped the price and offered 3 years for the initial price of 1. I accepted this although now I'm having doubts. Apart from the fact I have spent more money than expected I will now be tied to Ford dealers for the next 4 years including services and MOT's . I still have time to cancel he extended warranty and would really appreciate your opinions on whether they are worth it Many thanks in advance
  13. Thanks very much for all the answers it is very much appreciated. Went for a test drive this morning in a 1.1 zetec and was over the moon. What a lovely ride. Going back to pick it up on Wednesday, hooray. Thanks again
  14. Hello, I am looking to buy a used Fiesta ( 2017 )with at least a years warranty left.I have been looking online at Zetecs 1.25 and 1.1. The difference in price seems to be around £1000. I like the look of the sync 3 on the 1.1's but I don't like the idea of stop/start function. I average about 5000 miles a year mostly around town and mainly want a reliable car that will last me a decade or more. Is there much of a difference between the cars that warrants the price difference. Thanks in advance