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  1. Three years and only 50k miles? It is reasonable to expect an engine's turbo to last longer than that. Ford would have some legal liability even though the warranty has expired.
  2. Ford website has nothing. I guess they expect everyone to to use foam 😞 Fortunately I did find an image on the jack manufacturer's website.
  3. The spare wheel -rather than the foam- came into its own the other day. Now we cannot work out how the jacks stows away correctly. Does anyone have a photo or diagram?
  4. Well it is bye bye to the speaker and hello proper spare wheel. If the carpet does not lie flat I am going to glue some particle foam (the stuff they use in gym mats) to the bottom of the carpet - easy to do and also not too heavy.
  5. Thanks guys. Main question is about having a "proper" spare wheel rather than a spacesaver. It might not be a perfect match with the Vignale's 18" rims but better than a spacesaver with it's limitations on speed/distance.
  6. The Vignale comes with a tyre repair kit rather than a spare. My friend's Fiesta had a flat the other day and the foam was useless so she had to call the AA. This has got me wondering. I am thinking of removing the loud speaker in the boot and having a spare wheel instead. Would it be possible to have a full size wheel with a proper tyre rather than a spacesaver?. Jan
  7. I recently bought a Fiesta Vignale 140 (vv nice btw!) with the Key Free system. I have the two fobs that came with the car but I would feel much happier if I could put the master somewhere safe and still have two fobs for day-to-day use. It may be a bit dim but I'm not exactly sure what the procedure would be to get a third. Can I programme it myself or do I need to get it done by an autolocksmith? Janet