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  1. It isn't a fuse issue as the mirror repeaters now work with the orginal (halogen) bulbs in place. The Autobeam sequential lights do work if you attach them to a 9v battery. DH thinks it might be a problem with the connector but as the weather is so awful that can wait until it's nicer out.
  2. Autobeam sell the LED bulbs as straight replacements. Unfortunately they are uncontactable at the moment.
  3. DH (bless him) thought he would upgrade the factory fiitted bulbs to LEDs Everything arrived from Autobeam and it looked like a 5 minute job for him -famous last words! Everything was working hunkydory before he installed the LEDs but once he had done the swap the indicators did not work. Even reverting to the old bulbs made no difference 😞 There is power to the mirror as a whole as the puddle lights and heated mirror still work. So does anyone have any idea as to the cause and a cure?
  4. Ford have now moved the B&O subwoofer from the spare-wheel-well to behind the RHS boot trim. Has anyone any thoughts as to whether this could be retro-bodged by those of us with subwoofers sitting on a garage shelf?
  5. The sub-woofer sits in a box ... in our garage. A proper spare wheel is far more important than a bit of bass oomph.
  6. Here is a photo of the damaged paintwork.
  7. DH was washing my car the other day and noticed several small spots,on my 68 Vignale's bonnet, where the paintwork appears to have started crazing and flaking away. Have any other owners had a similar issue?
  8. ... I am talking about the little shelf that fits inside the armrest cubbyhole. It does not fit properly, particularly when the weather is warmer and the rubber softens slightly. What fraction of a penny would it cost Ford to correct such an obvious design-fault?
  9. Keep your eyes open for bargains at Lidl or Aldi. I picked up a set Michelin rubber mats for £14.99.
  10. Once you have undone the wing nut there are no other fasteners. It's just a matter of running the trim removal tool along the edge and "wiggling".as the bulb-cluster can be a bit unco-operative. Also check that the LED is held securely in place. The CSUK ones may not fit snugly; my husband had to use a bit of gaffer-tape to keep one of the bulbs secure.
  11. There is a separate trim panel behind the screen which you can remove with a suitable tool. Once that is out you can then detach the screen.
  12. My full-size spare is a 14" wheel with a 175/65 tyre and the fit is snug. A 16" will be too big.
  13. 18 inch wheels; they may look great, but the roads are so bad, I am considering swapping them for 16 inch with regular tyres.
  14. 1L 140. 95% short journeys in city traffic and I am getting 39.1 MPG. I have a very light touch on the gas pedal and know the traffic light sequences off-by-heart.
  15. Very easy. My husband changed them over in under half an hour. The only tricky part was loosening the brake/indicator unit from the bodywork - much easier if you have trim removal tools.
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