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  1. Problems with my Mass airflow sensor also... As with you, no one seems to want to help or know much about them.. They have two fuses, on under bonnet, I believe its number 25 or 23.. And one under the glove box, nightmare to get to it, and uncertain of the number.. Hope this helps.
  2. Wow thanks for all the help really appreciate it ... Best get back to looking on Google for some answers.
  3. My dpf aslo keeps clogging due to the mass sensor, car then goes into limp mode, I usually put some dpf cleaner in half a tank and blast it up the motorway at high revs... Usually helps clear it for a while
  4. Last hope, did you get any p0102 codes with a blocked dpf
  5. Hi, I'm new on here, think I've just managed to figure it out, apart from how to search for a topic. I've got a focus 2013 ecotech, which I having a lot of problems with. Expensive ones at that too.. In the last year I've had to replace alternator, batter, gearbox, clutch, dual mass flywheel and the last week, egr valve. Also having mass airflow issues, which have been giving all sorts of problems itself, mainly, the clogging up of the dpf due to the car not going into regen mode. Anyway, I've replaced the mafs and I'm still getting same readings, checked for leaks, ca
  6. Hi, I'm new on here.. Posted a couple of topics, still have no idea how or what I'm doing ha... Like working on cars, clueless once the bonnet is open. I've a focus, 16tdci ecotech thing. Its done the job for 175k and now it's causing issues. Any help on where to post or how to post new topics would be apprecaited. Thanks in advance Darren
  7. Hi guys, can anyone tell me if they've had problems with mass airflow sensor or leaking pipes that could cause this fault to come up. Car keeps going into limp mode, saying dpf blocked, so I get it cleaned, but air flow sensor still faulty, I've had it replaced,yet still getting same airflow codes.. Then the car goes into limp mode after a week and dpf blocks up again.
  8. Hi guys and thanks for letting me join. I've currantly got a 2013 ford focus 1600 tdci ecotech. After hitting 125000 miles it's seriously started to give me problems. The recent issue now is the mass airflow, I'm getting a p0102 code, along with other codes P2463, P246C and P24A4. I've tried a new mass airflow sensor, without any luck.. Anyone had this or know what the cause is. Thanks Darren
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