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  1. Hi Could anyone guide me to where the impact sensor is on a 1.6tdi 2009 focus, tia
  2. Hi Has anyone ever changed the passenger dash airbag ang steering airbag on a 1.6tdi zetec focus 2009. Is it a big job? I bought a damaged car and hoping to repair it, thanks in advance
  3. Month later and I’m only replying now 😂 I haven’t noticed anything since with the blue smoke, I did notice a few mornings that the car would be sluggish in the and low on power, I serviced it yesterday And it seems to have sorted it. Thanks for all the replies
  4. I have a 2009 1.6tdci focus and I was leaving working going home and the fella behind me said there was blue smoke coming out of the exhaust, anyone know where I would start in finding out the issues
  5. Bought a new engine today out of a smashed focus it was the last of them models 65thou miles on it, from a guy that breaks only fords
  6. €1200 gona set me back not sure if she’s worth it 😂
  7. Engine is goosed need to get a new one 😩😂
  8. Noise is definitely at top of the engine, I’ll get a listen to it with oil cap off tomorrow and get back to you
  9. Oil light is now off her, idles ok but once I rave it knocking sound starts it’s a strange one
  10. Hello I’m new here, I have a 2009 1.6tdci focus and i was driving one day and just out of nowhere the engine started rattling and oil light flashed a few times I pulled over straight away. Got the car trailered home and she’s been sitting for a week and there is plenty of oil in it, starts no problem but when I rave her the knocking gets bad, has anyone ever had this problem,