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  1. Hey.mine ends in BD lol. Maybe there a few different varieties.thanks for getting that photo for me. It's booked in for a week's time.i suspect this is the fault making that knocking noise
  2. Sorry to be a pain but is there anyway you could put a photo up of where that part number is.i had a look at mine and there doesn't seem to be any numbers ending in ac or ad? Thanks for your help
  3. Do we have access to service bulletins from ford as they seem to keep these things secret. You say there is a problem in Egypt, I wonder is this a world wide thing or country specific. I live in UK. My local trust ford garage is useless.i left the car in and they can hear noise but couldnt diagnose what parts were at fault so I now have to leave car in for a few days.they also tried to update the sync 3 but couldnt work out how to do it. Their service is shocking. I dropped car to them at 1pm and they only started looking at it at around 3pm and phoned me at 4.30pm asking to keep car for a few days which was too short a notice.madness
  4. Has anyone seen this before?should I leave it into ford?
  5. I just installed mountune primary,secondary hoses,turbo hard pipe and k&n panel filter. Anybody have any thoughts on the sound difference or performance gains. Mines definitely got more dump valve kinda noise. Don't see how the turbo hard pipes can make much difference as the diameter of the pipe is the same as the plastic standard one.
  6. Photo shows how exhaust tip slides on and the metal nib i was talking about
  7. Photo shows smaller clamp that is supplied with exhaust tip and the larger one required for modification
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151567238918 Link for exhaust tip, from the photo u can see i cut out 2 long strips of metal which enables the strap clamp to go around outside and pulls exhaust tighter. Please note you need to order a 70-80mm clamp from ebay aswell as its required for the modification. If u look at ur standard exhaust u will see a metal nip at the bottom that sticks out.the cutting of the exhaust tip with help slide it along the standard exhaust nip.
  9. I will have to find the link for the exhaust tip from ebay. I did have to modify it slighty to fit . If u look at the standard st line exhaust it has an exhaust tip as standard which is welded on but with a bit of cutting to the bigger exhaust tip from ebay it fits nice. I will post some pics soon of what i did and whats required to make it fit. I just think the back if the st line is abit too standard looking for me
  10. What are your thoughts on this exhaust tip i installed?
  11. I recently purchased a mk8 fiesta stline brand new. When the weather is hot or sun beating down on it the interior smells like body odour.anyone noticed this?