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  1. Thanks! Actually, I think something got lost in the translation between english and Italian website, since the part is stated as compatible with any MK8 ST Line. Anyone who has already lowered the car? Any benefit of a lower height?
  2. Hi everyone, I was thinking to improve the ride quality of my Fiesta ST Line MK8, and since I don't plan to own it more than 3 years ( I'm already on the 2nd ), I don't want to splurge on a new set of race suspensions. Here's why I was thinking about mounting the following: Has anyone mounted them on their cars? Pros and cons? I want to have a more sporty ride, that's it! Thanks in advance to everyone!
  3. Hi there, I was wondering, have someone already tried to fill the 1.0 ecoboost with premium fuel? Trying to understand if it's worth the premium, in terms of efficency and performance! Usually those fuels provide more km per liter on bigger engines, is the 1.0 able to reap this benefit as well?
  4. Got high beams OSRAM light today, tried to mount them this evening and then I found my Fiesta has H15 lamps as high beams! Is it normal??
  5. Hi everyone! As the title said: ATM I keep a spare 14' tyre, jack, some gloves, dust cloth, a collapsible tank (3 litres). Planning to add a bigger jack, a flashlight and maybe a towing rope. I don't plan to add a tool bag, even if small, because if something happens and you're without spare parts, then tools are basically useless.. what about you?
  6. Hi there, Having a 125hp 1.0 Ecoboost ST Line MK8, averaging 14-14.5 km/l on a short 7 km commute ( each way), 99% of that is crossing rural towns. Highway driving at 100-110km/h 19-21 km/l are possible, but I get that only when I'm not in rush mode. Otherwise with a more heavier foot I get between 15-17 km/l ( still under the speed limits, above that it drops significantly). 160-165 km/h I get 7-7.5 lts x100 as average. Eco mode helps a lot, but without it the car is way more agile, fast and responsive. I came to the conclusion if you want to spend the minimum on fuel you need to switch to something CNG powered. The savings you get with the petrol engine are all about insurance, maintenance and lower buying costs, not on filling up. It also depends where are you located, since local taxes could change that situation very easily...
  7. Hi everyone! As the title said! I'm just curious to know more from owners on how's this nice toy perform. I might get one after my standard ST line, who knows!
  8. Nice! I'd like to test the 182 ps unit in the Focus MK4, but sadly it's not avalaible for the Italian market ( we have the 150ps as max non-ST petrol engine). How's like to drive? Which colour did you got? On a roadtrip Milan to Saint Tropez 95% highway driving, I would have liked to drive a MK4 Focus, since the Fiesta was not 100% steady when overtaking lorries at 160+ km/h..
  9. How do you recover the initial 2k more in the price tag of the diesel? plus, no dpf issues with these few miles every year?
  10. Hi everyone, as the title said, why you decided to go petrol instead of diesel? I'm asking because I always had diesel car since I got my driving license, and this one is my first with a petrol engine. It's way more fun, engine is smooth and it costs at least 2k less than the diesel one, plus I don't have to deal with DPF issues ( Very common), bad smell and black smoke anymore. For me was a sensible choice because I drive only 1100-1200 km per month. Plus, maintenance and insurance should costs less. Only con is fuel range: When I drove diesel cars 20 euros of diesel last me way more than a week,sometimes also 10 days, even with spirited way of drive. Now? With 20 euro ( 13 liters) I'm lucky if I can drive for 160-170 km, at the beginning when it was a novelty for me, the same amount of fuel last me 2 days! :P I have to say a bigger fuel tank wouldn't hurt.. What about you?
  11. I was wondering about to get a used set of same design 17inches 4 rims, as the ones I have now, but they're 217 euro each new by Ford. I found some of them spared on different ebays at 80-100 euros each, but I'm not fully convinced on creating a set with 4 different purchases... I came up with the idea of keep using them when I'll upgrade to ST in a few years, but who know what will happen next!
  12. Pull the trigger and do the retrofit at your Ford dealer if it's possible. It will be cheaper on long run, since paintshop could be very expensive after all!
  13. Hi Everyone, since in Italy is mandatory after November 15 to have snowchain on board or having snow tires mounted, I started to wonder about how to prepare my car ( MK8 ST Line) for winter: Do you think it's better to have a double set of rims for winter tires and doing the change at home ( I have all the stuff needed to do that) or it's just a false economy? 90% I'll get an ST Fiesta after this one, so having a double set of 17 inches ( I'd like to keep the same rims design also for winter) will be better so I can avoid paying 1K for 4 18inch snow tires ( they're so expensive over there). Plus, a smaller rims will drive better in the snow. On the other hand, changing only the tires on the same set of rims will be cheaper, so I'll need to do some math in a proper way. So, please share with me what would you do if you were in my shoes/ how do you prepare your car for winter/snow driving? Thanks everyone in advance!
  14. Got Osram Nightbreaker today (dipped beams), just mounted! Only tested it a few minutes in my garage, compared to the original one I have more side lights for sure. Lights is a bit more white, I'll tell you more tomorrow. I'll get the high beams/position in the next days, to complete my upgrade EDIT: Did anyone also replaced the indicator lights with something different?