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  1. So my smax was driving really slow and sluggish for a few days. Then an engine light came off for a day then went off again. Still driving sluggish. Arranged for it to be seen at garage but all busy over weekend. I took it for a small trip to shops down the road. On the way back it just stopped driving. It didnt cut out straight away but gradually died until it came to a stop. Wouldnt start. Turned on and began starting but then died off a bit like when a car has a flat battery. We didnt think it was the battery that was the problem with how it died mid drive but replaced it anyway (after being towed home). Also topped up the fuel just incase it was that. No different. So now I just have a dead car basically :/ Waiting for someone to be available to look at it. Only had the car 2 weeks so gutted. Meant to be going on holiday this weekend :( Any ideas or advice? Thanks