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  1. That's a great help but Ive found a set a wheels and I'm just wondering if st 220 wheels fit a titanium
  2. Hi guys and girls I have a 2lt 2008 ford focus titanium diesel and Im looking to get some new wheels and mods and was wondering wats out there, would help me out alot and also the wheels I'm looking at r from mondeo 220 st will they fit my car
  3. Hey guys and girls will mondeo St 220 wheels fit on a 2008 focus titanium as they say they r the same stud pattern and the tyre size is the same as the ones on my car
  4. Hey guys and girls can anyone recommend any places in Bedfordshire area to performance parts from
  5. I have sorted the brakes I would like to lower the car and sort the engine out at the mo
  6. That's wat I thought I have a look at what parts are around and is there any recommend sites or places to pick up bits
  7. So it would be suspension and possibly brakes also the intercooler
  8. Thanks, il have a look into that tonight also does the st225 parts fit this model
  9. Yh I figured that lol, I'm looking to do quite a bit to the car and was after sum advice/guidance on wats best for the car
  10. hi guys and girls im looking in to modding my 2008 mk2 focus and im wondering wat would be the best way to do or if there is place that either do second hand mods or cheap parts for modding.