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  1. That sounds like fun and games bud and I look forward to seeing wat they r
  2. Hey Allan nice car and I like that ur not trying to go dwn the St route as that wat I'm trying to do on mine and she is very clean and tidy.
  3. Well I'm hoping it all comes to plan in the near future, Oh and wat will ur plans be for urs and do u ha e a build page.
  4. Alot if I can as in get her anew exhaust, from the turbo back if I can to make her less restricted, rs brakes all round, mapped if she can get the to about 300bhp if she can and get all the body looking nice and clean and then on to a bigger project of getting her awd and bigger power if all goes well 😊
  5. Yay got my calipers painted lime green to match other bits of the car aswell as changing the lovely starter motor, also lowered abit more ro have her sit abit better on the road. The next job is a damn gd clean.
  6. Thanks lenny and no it just made noice under the bonnet as I have the engine cover on and it vibrated with the engine so I took it off and hopefully replace it with another one from demon tweeks.
  7. Replaced the tatty looking cloth interior with a nice set of half leather seats and they r a nice upgrade for her 😊 The first picture is the seats come out of her then I cleaned the carpet as best I could and the started with the rear seats and moved on to the fronts.
  8. Yay the next upgrade for the young lady a set of half leather seats apart from a couple of rips in them they r all gd know they have had a gd steam clean and ready to be installed.
  9. Hey sorry for not alot of activity at the moment as I've justed movedamd know able to start saving for the bits I would like to get for her so I will keep u all once things happen, and il leave u all with some lovely pictures of her all nice and clean and waxed.
  10. Nice car yunii, I was thinking about those indercators but I didnt want that style lol and do u have the zetec s kit on
  11. Hey guys does anyone know if this would work on my young lady as to me it looks like it might or will have to buy one for a diesel and u need to copy the link in to ur search bar. ttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352962359448 Thanks in advance
  12. Just a little mod today, with changing the wing mirror indicator lense from foggy clear to nice black Tinted one.
  13. Hey peeps sorry for no updates lately I've been busy and get the car ready for a mot soon, I was also wondering if anyone know if a mk2 st dwn pipe and sports cat would work on my car. Thanks in advance
  14. Only a little mod today I was able to swap the door well bulbs out for lovely green leds.
  15. Hey guys and girls a little update but not much as not able to get much as it's just gone Christmas and we all know how that is. We'll I hope you all enjoyed ur Christmas and New year and my goals for my young lady this year is to be able to put a full performance exhaust on and also get her mapped to near 200 bhp and possibly get to ford fest in September. I know its not much at the mo but I shall share all the bits I do with all of u all. Thanks hippy