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  1. Hey guys and girls a little update but not much as not able to get much as it's just gone Christmas and we all know how that is. We'll I hope you all enjoyed ur Christmas and New year and my goals for my young lady this year is to be able to put a full performance exhaust on and also get her mapped to near 200 bhp and possibly get to ford fest in September. I know its not much at the mo but I shall share all the bits I do with all of u all. Thanks hippy
  2. And here I my next mod for my car a lovely Ally strut bar. There is a before and after pics. The black bits under the strut bar are wat was on the car originally and she looks much better.
  3. Hey Allan there is quite a sound difference when u remove the bug from the end.
  4. Yep I'm aware of that thanks lenny and I forgot about the lights.
  5. Yep I agree and she will be sitting 20mm lower hopefully next weekend after the rear end is settled.
  6. Here u go guys and girls finally able to put the coilovers on rear and she sitts nice a level ish lol, hopefully sort out the height and put on some over goodies next week.
  7. Thanks lenny this is a great help and it is much appreciated
  8. Hey guys and girls I'm wondering if anyone can help me as in not to distant future I'm looking to change my exhaust and possibly my intercooler either for a bigger one or a better one and I'm wondering if anyone has any surgestions. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey people I was hoping to lower the rear of my car today as I was able to lower the fronts the other week but my young lady is being stubborn and I wasn't able to do it, il post the pics of how she is sitting at the mo and hopefully sort her out over Christmas week as I have 2 weeks off.
  10. Hey guys will hopefully post again soon when I'm able to sort out my suspension as I got sent the wrong set and it's taking a little while to get sorted.
  11. Thanks guys for ur help I removed the spacers and goin to get the front wheel allianment done hopefully over the weekend and hopefully put them back on the front
  12. Hey people I've lowered the front end of my car and added 15mm spacers on and know I have a lot of steering wheel wobble and I'm trying to diagnose it if anyone has any ideas it would be a great help.