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  1. Ah right no worries, am pleased with how it all works but not entirely happy with the camera, it sticks out a bit and looks a bit unsightly so looking into a one that comes already installed in the boot release handle.
  2. I got it all done today, wired it up to the reverse light and all is working spot on. The only thing not there is the guide assist lines. Camera manufacture says it should be there so wondering if its something to do with a setting in Forscan? Or if anyone knows any fix for this. Under the camera settings I can only see the delay feature.
  3. Ok I've gone for one of the bullet type ones and hoping to fit it right next to the boot handle. Do you have any advice for wiring it up to the reverse light? I'm gonna start it tomorrow once Amazon deliver it.
  4. I was thinking of going down the route of the number plate sorround with camera already attached but not sure where I'm gonna feed the cable through yet, either way I think I'm gonna have to make a hole. I'll update in a week or two after I have fitted and hopefully everything works. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Thank you for this it's exactly what I was after, strange how I couldn't find it when searching YouTube ha ha. Did you have any trouble with enabling the rear cam setting with forscan? Also where did you get the harness with RCA jack? I've had a look on ebay and Amazon and found one but just wanted to check where you got yours. Thanks for the replies 👍
  6. I was hoping someone would be able to help me with instructions on how to remove the radio /screen of my Ford sync 2 8" system? I am wanting to add a new harness with rear camera input so I can install a reversing camera. I have so far been unable to find any instructions on how to remove the facia so I can get to the harness. I have a 2016 focus estate with sync 2 8" system. Any help appreciated.