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  1. its for my wife, only for nipping around town. we did like the 1.0 turbo, but the coolant rust/failures on early model got me worried lol, and im on a tight budget so 1.2's are more plentiful and easier to find a bargain. I tried a couple of 1.4 engines, but theres not a huge difference, and I thought the 1.25 zetec was pretty nippy and eager to rev. so Im just buying on age and condition rather then waiting for a 1.4/1.6 to turn up. :) cross finger
  2. found the answer checked here, its the 80bhp phew lol. :) hopefully be back on here soon to glean more info/mods.
  3. hi, im looking to buy a new fiesta, hopefully a 2013 1.25 model. but I don't know how to tell if its a 60 bhp or 82 bhp model? the online tax says the co2 is 120g/km. ?? any ideas? the seller doesn't seem to clued up. they didn't know the trim level, but said it has Bluetooth and heated front screen, it also has alloys. so im guessing its the zetec wich has the 82bhp, does that sound right? thanks sam
  4. thanks, yeah not worth the worry. I avoided it.
  5. hi guys, im considering buyin g a 2013 1.0 fiesta, this is the pipes, its had a replacement metal elbow at the coolant end. looks borderline saveable to me .. what do you think?