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  1. Not yet sunday i will have a new fuel filter should i check the o rings on all the fuel lines and that if you could see it your no what im on about lol
  2. Sorry about the spelling lol the car was not starting first time so i took the cover of the engine and dad in law tryed to to it over and you cpuld see the air inthe pipes wpuld start and then stall then say about the 3 flick of the key it was sound runs well
  3. Hello all i have a ford s max 58 plate i had an issue with the fuel its git air in it and i can not find were its comeing from theres no pressure in the tank when i take the cap off you can not her the nosie when you undo it
  4. Thank you i have a ford s max and have an issue with it keep getting air in the desial not sure why