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  1. Test Drives

    I'm not sure about Dagenham Motors. I test drove a couple of Fiestas at a dealership in Norwich and also one from the dealership I eventually bought from in Ipswich. On all my test drives I had the sales guy with me. I guess it must vary from place to place. In Norwich I was able to drive straight away off the forecourt, whereas in Ipswich the sales guy had to drive away first and then handed over to me. Conversely, I also tested a couple of Polos and a Golf from two different VW dealerships and they just took my details, a copy of my licence, got me to sign a disclaimer and just handed me the keys for a spin on my own. In fact, one VW dealership in Stowmarket gave me a Polo to drive to a different dealership in Bury St Edmunds (16 miles away) just so I could test drive another model there! They really were going out of their way to make the sale, but lost out in the end when we got down to figures and finance. In all cases though, the test drives were fairly short and sweet! You're never going to get a proper feel for the car in such a short time, and it's almost heart wrenching committing to something so expensive when you haven't really had time to decide if it's the one. Luckily, I've got on really well with my Fiesta 1.4 Zetec and two months in I've got few if any regrets. Enjoy the drive!
  2. THE Fiesta Detailing Thread

    I recently bought a couple of bright orange buckets from B&Q as they were only £1 each. I was hoping they'd be the right size for my grit guard, which I picked up separately on eBay. Unfortunately (and I knew deep down this was going to happen) they were too small and the grit guard barely squeezed in! I'm sure my solution is already a tried and tested one, but I'd not seen anything on these forums to confirm...but with just a pair of wire cutters from a handy tool kit given to me at Christmas, I was easily able to snip away the outer ring and trip the fins so that it sits almost perfectly in the base of the bucket where it's supposed to be! It was a bit painful cutting up £10.95 worth of plastic...it's a lot of money for some plastic, but it's worked out well because I've already grown quite fond of my orange buckets that will show up the grit and dirt a lot clearer than a black one. Anyway, these forums are for sharing, so there we go! Also received my 2-pack sheepskin wash mitts today from www.sheepskinshop.co.uk which I really hope work out to be good ones. All that's left is my i4detailing.co.uk order which should be arriving tomorrow. That'll contain the shampoo and wax and drying towel, etc. I know I've not got everything yet, but it should be enough to get me going. What I really want is what ChrisZetecS wants...a foam lance and decent pressure washer. I really can't afford everything all at once though, so that's going on a wish list for the time being. My Fiesta is so in need of a wash, the guilt is eating away at me! Just need a break in the weather and a bit of time.
  3. Arrived at work this morning

    Very nice indeed! I've got a 5-door Zetec and I noticed that the silver trim along the bottom of the window just in front of the wing mirror on my car does not flow smoothly into the silver trim along the bottom of the window on the door itself. Yours does not seem to suffer from that problem. Hmmm...wonder what's gone wrong there on mine!
  4. Introducting...me!

    Hey Ford fans... I've returned to the 'blue oval' after several years of driving around in my trusty VW Polo. It wasn't an easy decision to come back to Ford, as I really like the build quality of VWs, but having read the reviews and test driven a couple of cars, I finally decided on a Fiesta 1.4 Zetec in Panther Black. I couldn't be happier with my new car! Have already enjoyed reading around the forums finding out how other Fiesta owners are getting on. Anyway, nice to meet you, to meet you nice!