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  1. Garage has now quoted me a price of £240 all in. Thats two bushings fitting and vat. Does this sound about right for this job?
  2. My fiest has just been in for its mot (and passed). One of the advisories is suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in exessive movement passanger rear. I've asked for a quote (yet to receive at time of writing), just wondering how long it will or should take to replace both sides along with appropriate cost. Was advised that it would need doing in the next couple of months. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi can I assume that your fan has now been fixed and is now working as it's supposed to work.
  4. I had this code om my previous vehicle and could be a number of things. It could be a faulty or damaged 02 sensor or sensors, this includes the wiring for the 02 sensors, a faulty or underperforming catalytic converter, possible oil contamination of the catalytic converter, or a leak in the exhaust system before the catalytic converter causing the readings of both sensors to give a similar reading and setting the code.
  5. I also have a 2009 fiesta and the Haynes manual says that it is a mk 7. What I think is causing the confusion is that other parts of the world call it the mk 6. I would consider putting the car i to reverse and testing it for continuity to see if it is shorted internally, a multimeter with a continuity buzzer should be sufficient take the electrical connector off and put the multimeter probes on each connector and if the buzzer sounds it in theory good. Hopefully attached is two pictures of the wiring diagram from the haynes manual, one for keyless system and the other with out. Hope that this helps.
  6. Hello, I'm someone with a 2009 1.25 fiesta, I've just been outside and spun the cooling fan 360 degrees a bit at a time as access as you know is a little bit restricted. My fan was able to be spun without any tight spots or resistance beyond the normal to be expected from the motor.
  7. The battery could have an internal short or the terminal connectors are either loose or corroded, it could be a short to ground somewhere, although that in theory should blow a fuse, the alternator might not be charging the battery enough/correctly when the vehicle is running or have a faulty voltage regulator, the auxiliary belt may be slack or incorrectly adjusted. It could be a parasitic draw. All of these things should have been checked and verified by the dealer. It's up to you if you want to let the dealer have another look at it. Although personally if it was me and the dealer had looked at it twice and said that they were unable to find anything, I'd be taking it to another garage and asking them to diagnose it. If the fault still persists, I'd look into your consumer rights to see if there is anything that can help you.
  8. Assuming the belt has failed in some way, worst case scenario I can think of is the pistons have hit the valves damaging the valves, possibly the cylinder head and pistons.
  9. Haynes manual says 10 NM but only says to tighten them down progressively to specified torque.
  10. I changed the passenger side reflector on a 2009 fiesta for a neighbour a few years back. Yes they can be changed interdependently to the bumper. The one you have photographed is the fog light unit. you can get them easily enough on places like e-bay or amazon.
  11. Hi all. My 2009 mk7 fiesta has developed another suspension fault. Ive been getting a grinding type rattle from the drivers side front, been bothering me for a while at least since i replaced the anti roll bar links, i initially thought it was the new anti roll bar I'd put on the drivers side being faulty si replaced it with another new one, the fault still persists. After finishing work today, (im i key worker and cannot work from home), I was able to get into a national tyre place who bad a look and a tug and a pull and a test drive. Although they couldn't be 100% sure and wanted the car for a whole day to know for certain, I'd said that I'd call them back when i was definitively sure that i had a break from work, they believe that the drivers side ball joint is the most likely candidate. The Haynes manual says that if the ball joint needs replacement the whole wishbone needs to be replaced, although euro car parts have a ball joint on it's own. My question is are you able to just change the ball joint or do you need to change the whole wishbone?
  12. Problem sorted. Changed the anti roll bar links and the problem is rectified.
  13. Is there any chance that your friend had the electrical system live (Key on engine off), while he changed the bulb? Or afterwards to check the other bulbs? If so then that could explain it. If its not that then id check your battery to see what voltage it is, to see if it needs either a charge or replacement. I'd also check your alternator when the engine is running to see if it's changing at or higher than 14.2 volts (minimum of 14 volts).
  14. I had a 2001 Mk 2 phase 1 Renault Clio
  15. I have an intermittent issue with my 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.2. I’ve been getting a rattle/wibble noise that appears to be coming from the n/s front wheel area. However not always audible and has only been noticeable for about the last 2-3 weeks, Its seems to become noticeable after about 15 miles of driving. After coming home the other day I shook the car side to side and it sounded like it had more of a metal sound to it, It also seemed to be coming from both sides first one then the other, due to the time I wasn’t able to take a look then. However when I shook the car side to side the next morning (the car hadn’t been moved at all overnight), there was no sound or sign of the noise, I’ve had both front wheels off and had a look and tug on everything and everything, to me, seemed fine the only thing of note was the corroded n/s front spring which was mentioned as an advisory on it’s mot which as far as I could tell was still intact. It’s worth noting that when I go over speed bumps and lowered kerbs like those in front of driveways and the like there is absolutely no abnormal sounds from the suspension and the car otherwise drives without issue. Before I try and persuade my preferred local garage to have a look (just in case I’ve missed something), have you got any ideas or suggestions of what to double check or if I’ve missed something obvious.