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  1. I was very patient with this issue but a line had to be drawn somewhere, there is no guarantee the update will arrive in April 2020 and there's no guarantee it will work either.
  2. I finally rejected the car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. We agreed on a refund package & I handed the car back.
  3. Mine has been in 7 times for this fault, usually they keep my car for a week to complete updates and whatever else they do. On the last 3 occasions I've been given a Demo car free of charge. I've rejected the car but Evans Halshaw wont except the rejection as they class it as a trivial fault. I've had to get a solicitor involved and it looks like we are heading to the county court to resolve it. I'll keep everyone updated when things progress either way!
  4. I've had my Focus ST Line X 1.5 Diesel since April 2019, its been back in with the Emergency Call Button Fault 7 times, on average Evans Halshaw have kept my car for around a week at a time. I was informed last week by Ford Motoring the new update required wont be out until April and even then it's not 100% so I've rejected the car under the consumer rights ACT 2015, Evans Halshaw not playing ball so looks like were heading to court!
  5. There is a re-call for this (Change engine oil), contact you dealer and they should confirm. I had mine done at Evans Halshaw.
  6. I've had these issues continuously since not long after buying my 2019 ST-Line X Focus in April. Wednesday will be my 6th visit to Evan's Halshaw, if it's not rectified I'm taking advice on returning the car as not fit for purpose.
  7. When I first got the car there was no issues it showed mileage, fuel level etc. Since I've had the SYNC update it doesnt show anything like in the picture. Any ideas? I press activate vehicle and nothing happens? I've removed the car and re added it, even removed the whole app and started again with no joy 🙁
  8. I've just received my car back from Evans Halshaw, they had it for 3 days to fit the part which was on back order. I'm sure it was a telematics sensor.
  9. Did you get this issue sorted? I'm having the same issue, I took it to Evan's halshaw a month ago. They claim the part is on back order but I'm guessing they dont actually know what it is. I've had software updates which didn't fix it.
  10. Now Fordpass isn't connecting to the vehicle and the message "emergency call systems malfunction service required" Also says connectivity settings not available at this time on the Sync3 Any ideas anybody?
  11. I've just got mine back from Evan's Halshaw today, they have done a software update which has sorted the issue. No longer goes quiet after 23.
  12. Bought the 2019 ST-Line X 1.5 Diesel Auto, told by sales person the service intervals were 2 years or 18000 miles (which ever comes first). I though this sounded right as my partner has a 2019 1.0 petrol with the same intervals so it never occurred to me to check. I've since been told by the service department that its 1 year or 10000 miles which seems ridiculous for a diesel! Can anybody confirm which it is?
  13. My partner has a 2019 68 plate and her sound doesn't decrease above 24 either.
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