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  1. Now Fordpass isn't connecting to the vehicle and the message "emergency call systems malfunction service required" Also says connectivity settings not available at this time on the Sync3 Any ideas anybody?
  2. I've just got mine back from Evan's Halshaw today, they have done a software update which has sorted the issue. No longer goes quiet after 23.
  3. Bought the 2019 ST-Line X 1.5 Diesel Auto, told by sales person the service intervals were 2 years or 18000 miles (which ever comes first). I though this sounded right as my partner has a 2019 1.0 petrol with the same intervals so it never occurred to me to check. I've since been told by the service department that its 1 year or 10000 miles which seems ridiculous for a diesel! Can anybody confirm which it is?
  4. My partner has a 2019 68 plate and her sound doesn't decrease above 24 either.
  5. I've recently bought a new Focus ST-Line X, when listening to music and turn the volume above 24 (the max being 30) the sound actually goes quieter and the front speakers seem to go really low with all the sound coming from the back of the car? I contacted Evans Halshaw where i bought it, they claim to have never heard of this issue before, before I book it in can anybody help or give info on a similar problem?