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  1. What else do I need to be wary of with these cars?
  2. Dude, I'm stressed enough as it is mate. Don't give me any more ammunition. Lol. Trust me, that scenario has run through my head more than a few times already. But what to do? If I try to sell it privately I will take more than a £1400 hit on the current value and it will pretty much be the same if I part exchange. Either way I lose. If I fix it I can part exchange or sell it straight away or chance running it for another 10 / 11 months then get rid of it. Either way you slice it I'm gonna take a hit.
  3. Right.... so here we are. A Ford dealer took a look at the car this morning and pretty much said the same thing. They knew what it was before even taking it for a test drive so that pretty much says it all. The quote from them is £1400+ to do the work; that's labour, an entire clutch assembly with DMF, and replacing the two bearings inside the gearbox. My problem with this route is that once it's all put back together, the only warranty i have (gearbox wise) is the two bearings they are replacing. Three months down the road should a different bearing inside the box go, I would be back where I am right now. I have contacted Ford Customer Care with my concerns and raised a case. I'm not expecting any major breakthrough with them but if they can work out an arrangement with the dealer that I can have the assurance of a 12 month warranty on the gearbox once the work has been done then I think that would more than suffice. [Cost breakdown is £673.20 for labour, £745.14 for parts] On the other hand, I have gotten a full quote from the recommended independent garage that did the test drive on Tuesday and interestingly enough it is £1400+. The difference with their quote is the Clutch kit is LUK from Eurocarparts that comes with an optional lifetime warranty for an extra £30 and the gearbox is being overhauled by a another company which comes with a 12 month warranty. I spoke with the guy that would doing the overhaul and he explained the process to me as completely stripping down the gearbox, cleaning all the parts under pressure, and replacing all of the bearings as a minimum. They inspect all of the components and if they think anything else needs replacing they replace it. So the warranty is for the entire functionality of the gearbox once they are finished with it. His take on it is if anything goes wrong within that period, it's because of something they should have noticed during the overhaul. [Cost breakdown is £390 for labour, £582 for gearbox overhaul, £466.56 for clutch kit and oil] Armed with this information and based on the experience you lot have with these cars and "Ford vs Independent" what do you think the best move forward would be? As for selling/part exchange, I think I will lose out on the same amount it costs to fix it or even more. No dealer is going to miss the bearing noise when they inspect it. Thanks again for any input you guys can offer.
  4. Thanks again Tom. You've been a massive help. It will be decision time for me then. You have any idea what the ballpark figure would be for gearbox and clutch replacement?
  5. Thanks for the info Tom. Guess I'm screwed then. Are there any upgraded clutches or gearboxes I should consider instead of the like for like replacement parts? Otherwise I think I'll just be buying another car.
  6. Thanks! Are the aftermarket clutch kits better than the oem ones then? I just took it to an independent around the corner from my workplace which came highly recommended. They reckon a bearing in the gearbox is gone as well. So... I'm not the happiest of chaps right about now. I could understand if I treated the gearbox roughly but the clutch is smooth and shifting is smooth. Even the tech there said the same. All this for the sake of two bearings that probably cost less than a tenner to manufacture. Is there any likelihood Ford would offer any solution/contribution for this?
  7. Hello all. Looking for some advice. I'm pretty sure my clutch release bearing is on it's way out and even had this confirmed with one of the AA roadside assistance guys. So the plan is to replace the entire clutch kit with flywheel, slave cylinder etc. I wanted to know, 1) is there anything else I should have replaced while this work is being done? 2) I've only ever used a Ford dealer for work on this car as I've only had to service it. Should I consider an independent garage to do the work vice a Ford dealer? 3) if I go with an independent garage, what brand clutch kit should I get? 4) is this a common issue with MK3s? Mine is a 64 plate with just over 70K miles. Any advice would be a massive help. Thanks in advance.