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  1. Galaxy s10 and yes tried an s8 and same effect
  2. Phone is paired to bluetooth same issue nothing happens . on usb and b/tooth it recognizes but do music etc comes through
  3. My fiesta will not connect when i try use spotify etc i have tried 2 leads in both usb sockets . it does show a device connected but thats it nothing . any help would be appreciated Thnx Its an ST LlINE X
  4. Right before the abuse starts a question, What is the best pushchair/pram that will fit in the boot of my festa 2019. I know its a small boot but is there anyoe on here that could maybe suggest which they use that fits ok in the boot , thanks LM
  5. I have just fitted a new dash cam kit with a rear facing camera , Since ive fitted it the DAB radio keeps cutting out and loses signal, the FM works fine and also when i disconnect the rear camera the DAB works fine , A info into what the problem and cure would be very welcome , thnx L
  6. My fiesta st line , has anyone had problems with the radio not turning off and when you try to turn it it freezes . I t,s happened 3 times now and tonight it was nearly 40 mins before it turned off, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated , Thnx L
  7. Now the dark nights are here how do i set my auto main beam up , My headlights are set on auto but when on my way home from work down counrty lanes the main bean isnt on am i doing something wrong
  8. Thank you Eric, I have ordered some of the darker paint its called pepper grey from VW, i,ve had my motor 6 weeks now and i,m still finding things all the time that brings a smile to my face it,s a great car
  9. I have downloaded my dash cam footage and iv,e been in touch with Asda Head office .A person from transport dept is supposed to be getting back so its a waiting game
  10. Some knobshite Asda delivery driver forced me into the verge today my N/S/F wheel has some scratches now . I was wondering if any of you guys know the paint code or where to get some touch up paint from, the wheel isn,t gouged just scratched , Thanks L
  11. Fixed it the poxy usb lead was naff,proper samsung lead now ad works a treat,
  12. I picked my new st line x up last weekend ,Its a belter by the way. i have paired my phone (Galaxy S8).done the android app and the rest But i cant get the Spotify on my fone to work through the usb connection when i press find apps on screen it says none found,the fone ihas bluetooth on for my phone, Maybe i,m missing something any advice would be appreciated thanks
  13. I collect my new ST x 125 this week and i have looked on Etis for the build spec and i says it has Keyless system and keyless start, I was under the impression that the Keyless system was an extra , i didn,t specify this. Does this mean i may have got a freebie, Excuse my possibly naive questions (I am a female and yeah a blonde too). I love my Fiestas this will be my 4th in 6 years. One more question what is the best paint to paint the calipers thanks , L
  14. So i,ll take it there are no lights fitted , Was it a big job to fit them in your car as in any wiring or cutting trim panels, are the bulbs LED or capless,
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