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  4. lacking power

    it was standard when i had it i,ve put some redex in in and gave it a good thrashing and its loads better now
  5. lacking power

    yeah its better after that its just a flat spot in the revs its holding back quite abit its standard apart from a cone air filter , i,ve just fitted the performace exhaust and cat off my old car and its abit better but still not performing how it should my old escort with the same engine was alot quicker oh and its done 71000 and got service history and dont know if it changes if weather is diff as i`ve only had the car 2 days any idea`s on wot it could be would be a great help
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  7. lacking power

    i`ve just had a escort mk6 1.6 1995`and its lacking power it seems to have a flat spot in the revs from about 3500 revs to about 5500 any ideas wot could be wrong with it ,thanks craig
  8. escort

  9. cone air filter

    ok cool thanks m8
  10. cone air filter

    hi i`m goin to put a cone air filter on my 1.6 zetec escort just wandering if i`ll need do to anything else like reset the ecu or is it just a case of fitting the filter and thats it , thanks
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