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  1. Hi all Problem solved. The horn button on steering is wired to a smart box located under the glove box, then on to the relay. The wire was broken somewhere between smart box to relay. I found the correct wire by using a wire tracker. The tracker somehow works though broken wires, multimeter can't. It's was a green/purple wire see photos attached. I just installed a new wire and joined it on both ends, finally it works.
  2. Hi again the horn doesn't work from the two wires at the steering column on my 2008 smax taniumm. I've checked fuse 31 and 33 and the relay all fine. The horn do sound when bridge at relay. Do get 12.7v at the relay coil pin. I get 11.7v at the steering horn button also still get 11.7v bypassing the steering clock so I know the squid is fine. I don't get a loop from the relay to the column so I'm guessing that the wires goes elsewhere first then to the relay? See photos attached of the plug from left of the clock, the horn dont work if I bridge these pins. Any ideas please?
  3. Hi I have the same problem on my s max, have you found the problem?