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  1. Hi spray under the wiper nuts with wd40 before you do it they can be badly stuck
  2. Hi its a 2006 so imagine it’s same as the 2002 mk5 , if you remove the wipers / unbolt and pull off the plastic scuttle and then remove the blower cover behind that (a few bolts and 3 along bottom hard to see) there’s the back of the blower / you’ll be looking at blower in middle and a fair sized hole to each side of it ,now don’t know if anything would get in there but if it did and is stuck in either of those two holes then that also would cause your problem / if you do want to remove the blower cover then you’ll also have to remove the battery and undo the air filter cover and pipe on top of engine and lift off also or blower cover won’t come out , whole job would take hour or so to remove and refit .
  3. Hi if there is a lot more condensation than usual in the car then that wiring rubber to the boot may not be tight but does your boot door sit flush all the way down as if it’s out at all rain can get past the seal
  4. Hi I have the short stubby aerial and reception was pretty crap with original stereo , even though I think the triple dash looks well in the car I went ahead and changed to a jvc , reception a lot better , left speakers as is and sound and reception pretty good now
  5. Hi I’m trying to sort out the few issues with my fiesta , another of which is the car will unlock all doors via central locking with the key but key will not lock the doors except the lock it’s turning in / i got a key fob with the car and it will not do anything except lock all the doors which it does fine , so I can unlock all doors with the key and lock all doors with the fob and I can live with that but does anybody know if it’s possible to fix this ? Thanks
  6. Hi I have slight issues with central locking it opens but have to lock manually ,this is not a permanent fix but might get you out if your car suits , I’m not positive if yours is the right car but to the right of the steering wheel and down there’s a small cubby / pull it open then pull it up to take it off . Are there five square plugs there ? If so choose the second from left and pop up the black tab on top . Then pull little yellow handle towards you , leave plug out and close up , you will have manual locking but little red light will remain on dash , it’s not a fix I know but thought I’d throw it out there
  7. Thanks dan you just saved me a lot of stress 👍

  8. Went to replace heater control valve today and found this on outside of bulkhead / no heater control valve , wish I read my messages before I started 🙈(thanks dan62) hope this saves someone else the hassle as wipers were welded on , 2002 on tdci no heater control valve it seems
  9. Hi isetta thanks for that yes think I’m coming to that conclusion , I ran through the hidden menu and I’m taking it the coolent temp is the one with number and c at end (as it is in my focus petrol )it only reached 8 c on gauge and stayed there even after getting proper hot could lack of flow cause this bad reading ? Gauge was higher end of norm on dash so obviously the ecu gets its temp from somewhere other than temp gauge , hoping fitting the heater control valve tomorrow improves things but if not I suppose pumps all that’s left ☹️
  10. Hi I bought a 2002 mk5 fiesta tdci , it seems due to an overheat it had blown its top coolent hose off but otherwise seemed ok so I took a chance ,so far I have given it a new thermostat housing and coolent sensor / coolent flush . I drove it for 5 miles today and still not good . It has that useless dash that just has an arrow on norm but no idea of temperature so I accessed the hidden menu and it slowly went to 8c and went no higher but arrow moved up to 3/4 way mark on vague gauge they fitted ,the thermostat had long since opened after the 5 mile trip as top and bottom hoses were very hot / I’m thinking I’ve a flow problem , getting good heat and cold in cabin , fan not cutting in and no idea how high the temp got!! But was hot under that bonnet after that short run . I’m fitting a new heater control valve tomorrow and another fill of coolent but I’m not holding out much hope , there’s some evidence the timing kit and pump was done less than 20k miles ago but still coming to conclusion the water pump is probably knackered but why the Ecu thinks the car got no hotter than 8 deg c is also a mystery and tried 2 sensors before bought that new one all doing the same thing !!no real loss of coolent evident either if somebody has ideas I’d be very grateful , thanks
  11. Hi I run a mk1 focus and have a fiesta mk5 tdci I’m struggling a bit with , have owned quite a few fords over the years including Granada’s and mk4 cortina etc ,always loved them hope to fit in