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  1. We’re is a the best place to buy a genuinely stat
  2. The stat has been replaced twice in 3 weeks?
  3. I also forgot to say this only happens at idle
  4. After market stat and no the problem before hand was different
  5. After market stat and no the problem before hand was different
  6. I’ve had thermostat replaced twice it only occurs with heater on Hot it has been scanned no codes
  7. So it completely normal for the temp to drop back down to 60 in this heat?
  8. I have the live reading and it drops below 75
  9. So it normal for it to cool down to 60-70
  10. So it’s normal for it to decrease all that way down to 60-70
  11. Hi there I’m wondering if anyone can she some Light on this I have 64 1.6 diesel Ford Focus Christmas time it had temperature problems which turn out to be a warped block so I had the engine replaced now the car runs fine get up to temp doesn’t over heat but as soon as I turn the heaters on hot the temp gradually decreases its had 2 thermostat and only happens when heater is in hot position and fans on 3-4 the heater works fine just a bit of pain
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