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  1. Hello everyone. I Got this problem on my Fiesta Zetec S 1.6.Ive noticed this annoying hissing coming from engine bay,next to belt and water pump.And if Im under 1500revs its louder and makes a squeak noise too.But it stops after like 5-15min,or if im over 1500rev range.Im taking the car to garage next friday.But decided to ask here,maybe so I know what to expect etc.Maybe some1 had a similar problem before.Thank You!
  2. Well.I got this problem with my 11 plate zetec s.This only happens for like 2 mins tops when engine is cold.When I accelerate I can hear this weird ( kind a ) whistling noise coming from engine.Like air is passing by somewhere,and it only happens below 1500rpm.I cant figure it out what it could be.Can it be something to do with timing belt maybe? or fan? Anyone had this problem before? Ty for help :)
  3. Hey. It can be bushes as well.I had the same problem with mine couple of month ago.Every time I went over speed bumps,there was knocking sound coming from rear.And same as you I was thinking its rear suspension.So I went to garage and straight away they said,the problem is bushes.Wasnt expensive to fix.
  4. MentalQ


    Hello everyone. I was planning to swap my normal dipped headlight bulbs to LED ones.But what ive read before,some say that they are too bright for other road users.I dont want everyone flashing at me for blinding them.So im asking which ones are good to use.I found some from Autobeam,which are good from reviews,but im not sure enough.
  5. Hello everyone.. Im looking to change rear diffuser on my Zetec S.So will an ST diffuser fit my car? Every website I checked sells diffusers for mk7 2013 onwards and so on.