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  1. Does anyone know the colour name for the mk6 fiesta zetec s alloys? Picture for reference :)
  2. I've got team heko's, fit striaght onto mine, they have all the sizing for different mk's on their website.
  3. Looking into doing some pin striping but i'm struggling to find many people talking about it? I'm confused whether people are using pinstripe tape or are using paint and what works best for it?
  4. Seen loads of people raving about the hybrid ceramic wax but I don't have a pressure washer. Bought the ultimate paste wax from them purely just because its from the same range as the ultimate wash and wax.
  5. Have seen a lot of people on about spray on waxes but idk how I feel about them. Going to give it a coat of paste wax before the winter comes
  6. Tried the meguiars ultimate wash and wax and think i’ve found a winner tbh, lathers up so well and really gets every last bit of dirt off, not as much beading as you would get from properly waxing a car but the beading was great to say it was just from a wash and wax.
  7. I was happy with the results I got but I did feel like I could’ve done a better job. Gone over the lights again with the 2000 grit and then the 3000 grit paper and put the autoglym compound on the top. The results are twice as good, 100% clear now.
  8. Laugh all you want but I want to know what anyones favourite wash and wax car shampoo is, using sonax at the moment and it’s good but I feel like there is better out there.
  9. Done the headlights and couldnt be happier with them. Made a huge difference, i’ll attach some pictures of during and after for anyone whos interested.
  10. Another Richard, i’m so glad you’ve told me this i’ve been debating whether to do the sanding by hand and I definitely will now. Hopefully going to be doing them tomorrow night, i’ll post in here once I have done them
  11. Thank you zain611, i’ve bought the autoglym restoration kit just need to find the time to do it, i’ll be posting the results on here after i’ve done it. Will probably be next weekend.
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies, i'm 99% sure that its on the outside as if I run your hand over them they feel rough. Think i'm going to have to brave sanding and sealing them and see if that does the trick.
  13. I’m stuck for what to do about my headlight lenses. The tops of both of them are badly scratched and slightly yellow, but the rest of the lense is crystal clear (they were like this when I bought the car). I don’t know if a restoration kit would work on them, if I could replace the lenses or if i’ll have to replace the whole headlight?? If anyone has had a similar issue or knows something that might work please let me know!!
  14. Thank you for all the help, went over mine last weekend with a paint pen, i’d say it looks pretty good
  15. My fiesta zetec s’ badge has faded on the boot. The inner of the s is now a cream colour rather than red, if anyone else has had this happen how did you go about replacing it. Did you replace the whole badge or is there a way to just replace the inner red sticker on it??