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  1. Hi guys thanks for the replies, I bought 2 x Ford Focus 2015 ones of Ebay for £9.99 and they fit perfectly. Ford wanted £18 for one. These are 3D printed copies.
  2. First thing I tried m8 couldn't find one.
  3. Hi peeps I have a mondeo hatchback 2016 I need to get a new parcel shelf clip that goes onto the body/door, Ford want £18 for one clip is there anywhere else I could purchase one. Many thanks
  4. Hi all apologies if this has been posted already, I have recently bought a 2016 Mondeo Titanium my stop/start doesn't work neither does my front window heated screen, Im told & read its probably the battery not fully charged or faulty, can I charge the battery while its still connected to the car or If I disconnect the battery would I have to worry about any system or head unit codes to get everything working again.I travel 50miles a day nearly all motorway driving so not sure why the battery is not fully charged. Many thanks Gary
  5. Hi guys I have recently bought a 2016 Mondeo with stop-start, this isn't working, I drive on a motorway 50 miles everyday this should be enough to charge my battery. Its just out of warranty do you think Ford would test the battery for free or charge me also don't new Ford batteries come with 5yrs warranty or is it just 3yr. Not sure any other suggestions ? I also read this may stop my heated windscreen from working ?. Oh also my next door neighbor has the estate version 2016 he does 500 + miles a week & his works fine. Many thanks
  6. Hi all just joint have recently bought a 2016 Mondeo hatch bought the manual over the auto hopefully won't be kicking myself later. Love the quietness & smooth ride of the Mondeo plenty of boot room too + heaps of gadgets & gizmos to play with ;-). Take care happy motoring