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  1. Yeah I'm looking into other models too, just really like the fiesta. Perfect size and drives really comfy etc. Obviously I'm aware that means very little if its stolen 😂. If I get another then I'll be sure to get a steering wheel and pedal lock. Get a dashcam with an in house display maybe...
  2. Just wanting to find ways to make it as difficult as possible mate...
  3. Thanks, Been reading about key code entry systems and isolated alarms... do you know if they're much use or can they be easily bypassed?
  4. Hi, My beloved Fiesta ST Line was stolen at the weekend. Pretty sure I'll not get it back. Will probably be half way across the ocean in a container or stripped for parts by now. Once I'd read up about it, I've found it to be the easiest car to steal in the UK. Regardless of price, does anybody have any advice on making it theft proof? Thanks, Jason.
  5. No not touch screen. Sorry just assumed sync 3. Dont even know why I assumed that tbh. It's for a 17 plate fiesta st line if that helps?
  6. Cheers for the reply.. I entered my vin yesterday and it says I need to take it to my Ford dealer for maps. Everything else is upto date it's just the maps... also theres an sd card that pops out above the screen. I assumed that was for the nav....
  7. Hi, Wondering if theres a way of updating my Nav without having to take it into a Ford dealer like Google is telling me. Can I just update the sd card or... Any advice would be helpful thanks. Jason.
  8. Hi, Does anybody know what version of USB the port is on my 17 plate fiesta st line. Wanting to buy a splitter so I can charge my phone whilst playing my external USB for media. Is it USB 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Jason.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Everything working fine on 64gb. Cheers, Jason.
  10. Ah I've opted for the 64gb just to be safe but if the 128gb is working fine then no doubt this will aswell. Dont use voice control.anyway so that's not an issue for me. Thank you for the reply.
  11. Hi, Just purchased a Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0 litre ST Line (17 plate). Was wondering if anybody knew the maximum size USB stick that the audio system will read? I know about the formatting so I can reformat it to FAT32. Just wondering if theres a capacity limit also? Thanks, Jason.
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