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  1. I have had a total of 4 buckled alloys with my past 2 fiestas both 16", i drive the same roads in my other cars but yet have never had any issues with my alloys in these.
  2. anyone have any joy solving this, my alarm is now going off each time i look the car, various messages bonnet open, door open, boot open etc!!! grrrr!!
  3. why would you want to, whats wrong with the standard?
  4. Must be a theme with them trying to get pads out of us, I'm at 20k and they called me mid (alleged) service to say to front drivers sides pad was showing signs of overheating and that they would need to investigate at an additional charge of £35. I asked to speak to manager as I wasn't paying anything as the pads should last a minimum of 30K easy. He waffled some crap about debris getting stuck between pad and disc thus causing friction and overheating of the pad, pish I said, I asked if it needed changed and he admitted probably not! The cost would have been £90 for pads and £35 for labour, nice try I said, now jog on sunshine! !Removed! criminals!
  5. Nice one BigBaz £1530 saving can't be bad! Hope you let the fraud stealer know about your savings with the independant garage! ;)
  6. it's a petrol and yes i was charged yet i need not bother complaining for if i do i know only to well they will rectify said complaint but i also know they will most likely empty their bladders into my fuel tank (kid u not it happened b4). From now on i shall be honest with the dealer and say, look here's 20 quid just stamp the feckin book and I'll do the rest myself. tbh isn't this the only reason we service our cars, to comply with manufactures demands in the hope of maintaining !Removed! warranty and at our own cost yet who actually feels comfortable leaving their car in their hands? I don't, id rather do it myself and if i bought second hand the seller told and showed me he'd serviced himself id be more likely to buy from him.
  7. whats the deal with all the demands for pics it's not difficult and at the end of the day it's only a fiesta lol B)
  8. My mk7 got it's 2nd year full service from fraud last week. I checked the oil, it was still black, i checked the air filter, it was filthy. They did however notice my drivers side brake pad was showing signs of overheating and decided to call me mid service (allegedly) and ask if I wanted it fixed for £110! I told them where to go, I'm convinced the only thing they did was find this alleged fault. never buying another fraud!
  9. corrosion is 6 to 12 years paint is only 1! i guess if there's to be a manufacturing fault it should normally show within the first year. alas it appears i have been unlucky but i tell thee there's no way I'll be paying for it's repair thats for sure ;) !Removed! fords when will i learn!
  10. Howdy fellas it's been a while however I'm back with a new issue! Was washing the car this morning when I noticed the lacquer was flaking off at several different areas on the bonnet! The car is approaching 2 so the paint warranty is well gone but just wondered if anyone else has had this problem/resolved it?! Bit concerning really, I reckon I could easily strip the entire layer of lacquer now that it's started to peel. :o
  11. WOW (not) im getting bored of seeing these same pics every time a new model is mentioned, this is just a zs with stipes and the colour is boggin!
  12. mazda is my top choice my only trouble with them is that they seem to facelift them at least once a week! if i buy a new car i want it to remain exclusive for at least a month before they add something else onto it. the 2.2d engine has been tweaked in this latest facelift and now gives slightly less bhp (180) from (185) it does however produce more torque and less co2. volvo was my 2nd choice the r-design body kit looks the part but the interior does look drab and the engine is rather uninspiring. i think it's mazda all the way!
  13. May be in a position to change car in few months my top choices so far are - volvo s40 2.0d r-design citroen c5 tourer 2.0td vtr+nav vw passat 2.0td highline mazda 6 2.2d sport vw golf 2.0gtd whats your pick of this lot and are there any others i should consider, dont want a ford or vx.
  14. have noticed that my clutch has started to squeak intermittently car drives fine but it's rather annoying now. anyone else had this problem any ideas what it could be?
  15. tom tom go 530 great piece of kit no complaints with it at all, had a go 300 before this one and the iq routes with wider screen are a god send.