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  1. Hello everyone So I just installed a hornet back box on my 1.25 mk6 and I love it apart from from 1-2k it's slightly too droney for liking. I was thinking of adding some insulation to take the edge off of the drone as it isn't too loud it's just a noise then tends to give a headache/ear ache Any advice on it would be appreciated Many thanks
  2. Hi all, I am thinking of changing my current alloys to black and also making the grills black while I was at it, and was wondering what is the most suitable product to use. I have done some reading around and saw normal spray paint with primer works well, some say plastidip is an option but isnt permanent, so i just wanted some recommendations. If it helps I have a mk6.5 fiesta with the zetec climate wheels and the standard grey grills and foglight surrounds. Thanks Kieran
  3. Thanks for the help! I will find out how old the shocks are and see what sort of condition they are in, from what i feel they are fine but you never know. I will probably go for the amax ones as it will save me a fair deal which can go towards wheels. I could powder coat the stock alloys but im not sure if i would like the look lol. The only problem is that I will be paranoid that im going to break the shocks. I should probably add that I have no idea on how to fit the springs. My dad will have a decent know how so i guess it will be some trial and error!
  4. I'm honestly not sure if the shocks have been replaced at all, I would have to check that with my dad. It's only just had an MOT so I would assume most stuff is fine logically. Oh the ones I were viewing were the apex ones, the amax were £69 I believe but I will check ebay too. Is there a way to calulate the rolling radius so I know what wheels/tyres would be suitable? I know someone who can get some powder coated, its just most examples seem to be curbed to the extent where its actually scored the alloy. Edit: That's sort of why i was thinking that coilover kit as it comes with shocks too, but im not sure if they would actually last.
  5. If im honest, ride quality don't bother me at all, I used to do karting and they had no suspension at all lol. I just want the shocks to be fine and hope the springs don't break. I have read amax are the sister company to apex, not sure how true that is though. I assume that is so the speedo will not need re calibration. I guess I need to try and find a decent used deal, most are either pricey or cheap and are curbed.
  6. The ones that were on euro were a 35mm drop, I was just worried with the shocks breaking as I don't want to buy those aswell lol. Im not fussed about the fixed height, i just wanted it to be a bit lower and more aggressive. They are amax springs if you've heard of them, im not sure on the quality I'd like to get some nice alloys too, im surprised how pricey they are! Is it recommended to stay on the exact same size wheel or cant you go bigger?
  7. Hello everyone At some point in the future I would like to do a few modifications to my fiesta now that I have just about got a years driving out of the way. I was thinking a backbox (just for the nicer sound), some nice alloys and I would like to lower it a bit. This is where I have seen conflicting points about lowering springs messing up shocks so I am unsure on what to do. There are some lowering springs on euro car parts for around £100 but I also found some cheap coilovers which have decent reviews for £200 (Prosport ones) Would springs be ok by themselves or should I invest in the coilovers? Thanks Kieran