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  1. No further forward. Autodiesel says battery was 13.2 fully charged and 3 days later had lost 1.2 volts which was ok. Used at weekend did about 80 miles, used Monday morning, went to start it this morning and doors opened but would not start engine. Started for garage and autodiesel, and its fine weather! Looks as though I will have to go out in it every day, seems ridiculous and as we said, what if it was parked up at airport for 2 weeks or some people have their cars parked up at work all week as they work away driving.
  2. The battery 2 and half years old and we have been having these problems for a while.. Will take it to another garage and get battery life checked as you suggested and follow your other advice.Thanks for taking time to reply, you have been very helpful.
  3. Hi Thanks for replying. It is appreciated. This has happened a few times. AA man said there was only 45% charge on battery this time. Dealership checked battery,said it was fine, had car for 4 days and it started up fine Said we should do more mileage and that you have to do so many miles for all the electrics/computers to shut down properly. Do you think an auto-electrician would be able to help if something is draining battery when car is not in operation?
  4. Hi We have a ford mondeo titanium x 2013 2000cc. If the car is not used for 3 days (sometimes 2) the battery goes flat. Even after giving it a blast on a weekend it would not start 2 days later. The AA man and the dealership say it needs to be used more often but friends have similar cars that are parked in airport parking for 2 weeks which start up. Your thoughts would be appreciated.