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  1. LHD Conversion

    Hi If i was you i would think about selling it in the uk and buying a LHD from germany and drive it down to Spain and change the plates there to spanish , ive lived in Spain for 20 years and if you intend to stay there you will need a spanish reg car. you can pick up a good deal in Germany but you will have to pay some tax (12% of cars current value) in Spain when you change the registration to Spanish which is quite easy to do. or the other option is to buy in spain which at the end of the day will work out at nearly the same cost, where abouts in spain are you moving as ive got a friend who works at the main Ford garage on the costa del sol, maybe he can help you out. Anyway what you need to do is work out which option is cheaper, look at a few german car websites and some Spanish ones to check out the cars in your price range and also look at EBAY UK LHD car selection you can get some good deals on LHD cars there, but remember the Spanish laws on uk reg cars in Spain which ive put below with some other usefull info to look a Driving with non-Spanish registration As a member of the EU (but not a registered resident of Spain) you may import your home grown car into Spain using its own original licence plates. You may retain it in Spain indefinitely so long as you maintain its home country tax fully paid up, including a current MOT as required. However you may not stay in Spain any longer than six months in any one calendar year and neither you nor anyone else can use it during the following six months in Spain. Your car must also be insured in its country of registration under EU Law. This can give you problems with insurance. Some companies will offer cover but please read the small print. Ok if youve got any questions about Spain let me know and ill do my best to help. Carl