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  1. Juddering And Loss Of Power?

    Just an update to say all sparkplugs have been changed and this has sorted the juddering problem out.I checked back on a earlier mot and the wishbone was on an advisory,so would you say this is what is causing the creaking?
  2. Hi all,need a little advice as i dont have a clue lol.Within the last week my car has been playing up,its a 1997 ford ka.When i first start the engine the car is vibrating lots and i can hear slight revving.When driving its constantly juddering whatever speed im doing,its worse when i accelerate like the cars really trying to go faster but is struggling,had a slight wiff of burning the other day but not smelt that since,also think i might have suspension problems on front left side as theres been quite a lot of creaking and squeaking,not sure if these problems are related or not.really wary of taking it to the garage incase i get ripped off,any ideas whats going on?,money is a big issue for me at the minute and i cant afford to buy another car,just hope its nothing to serious and expensive.
  3. Wig In My Exhaust

    Thanks for all the advice,i was thinking what would actually happen if i didnt replace it and i just carried on driving around as i have been doing? would i cause any more damage? or would i knacker anything else up?
  4. Wig In My Exhaust

    You dont know my other half lol,his meaning of DIY is Do Injure Yourself lol,
  5. Wig In My Exhaust

    Cheers,i have a ford breakers yard about 5 mins drive from me so will get a price from them and have a look on ebay,thanks.
  6. Wig In My Exhaust

    thanks for replying,will this cost much? just spent 400 on it in last 2 weeks to get it through its mot,its an old ka 1997 ive had it for a year now and i love the car but its peeing me off with the money ive spent on it!
  7. Wig In My Exhaust

    Hubby noticed some hair type material hanging out my exhaust today and decided to pull it out,!Removed! hell there was loads of it!!!,it looked like one of the grudge halloween wigs there selling in the shops,After thinking about which little b*****d kids could have shoved it up there i wondered if i should have pulled it out and whether it was supposed to stay in the exhaust after all,ive been looking on the net and many have said its some sort of wadding that absorbs the noise and the other half dont have a clue,is it meant to be there?,have i caused any damage by pulling it out?(apart from this !Removed! stuff irritating my hand and making them sore)would love to read what you think,cheers.
  8. Scraping noise

    I had the same on my ka a few months back,it only lasted for a day then it just stopped.It was as if there was a bit of grit or something stuck inside scraping away everytime i turned the wheel,havent had the problem since though!.
  9. plastic bumper polish?

    Thanks,ive got a halfords 2 mins away and they stock all products thats been mentioned(had a nosy on their website),thanks for that.
  10. plastic bumper polish?

    Thanks for that its cheaper than i thought,cheers
  11. Hi my ka is a dark red/burgundy colour,when i got it a couple of months ago the bumpers looked dark and shiny,now they look dull and grey,what can i use to darken and polish them? and where can i get it from?,and is it expensive?,cheers.
  12. hi all

    Hi all,found this forum and it looks really interesting!,passed my test around 2 and half years ago,my first car was a white 1992 fiesta,(my little learning rust bucket! lol),got an old car to get me some practice and confidence on the roads,next was a red 1995 fiesta but i had to scrap that cause it was a mot failure and would have cost too much money to get fixed.I now drive a 1997 ford ka and i love it!,nippy little thing.look forward to reading your topics.