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  1. Happy Birthday Maffoo!

  2. Hey all, (long time no see!) I took my baby Mk 7 in for his first service today, and just got a call saying that there's nothing majorly wrong and I don't need to pay anything (phew!) extra. For the last few months I've noticed a low speed squeak, and since I commute more in rush hour traffic I notice it much more often now. The guys at the garage say that my front right caliper is sticking slightly. Conveniently the tread on that tyre is wearing and needs replacing too, eventually. Is there another way to 'unstick' a caliper? The guy from Halfords says that I'd have to have the pads and something else (can't remember) replaced which would be just shy of £200. The squeak is annoying, but not £200 annoying. Cheers :)
  3. Crashed Fiesta

    Wow lots of replies... I've spent half my day in A&E after my housemate's GP sent her for Xrays and prescribed her pain killers (whiplash and concussion) and I've now got a lovely little limp going on (fantastic! :/ ) Yes that's a mother of a dent behind the door and not a reflection :/ And to be honest I think all the panels around that corner will need changing. I'm still waiting to hear from the garage about a courtesy car (it's being arranged and paid for by my insurer), but as Admiral have said they've emailed me the details twice (which I haven't received) I'm still in the dark about the car. And I'd love to say that it was a chav in a BMW or Merc or something that hit me, but it was just a normal businessman in a 2003 Skoda Fabia... His left wheel was borked and the tyre had gone bye bye, but other than that it didn't look too bad... I'll keep you informed :) And thanks for all the best wishes, I really appreciate it :)
  4. Crashed Fiesta

    Spoke to Admiral this morning and it was such a relief :) They agreed I wasn't at fault and are waiving my excess (he's insured by the same company) and I won't lose my no claims - such a relief! And as for the injury thing, I pride myself on being an honest person and hate insurance cheats (the reason my premiums are so high in the first place!) so I'm going to my Gp today to see what's what. I've had bad back problems in the past and I'm worried this could bring on worse again. Thanks for the help guys :)
  5. Crashed Fiesta

    Right, had a bit of a bad time on the M25 today (apologies to anyone stuck clockwise this evening!) and someone drove in to the back-right corner of my car going a little to fast. It's my first crash so I need some advice. - I have back ache and two of my passengers don't feel great - one might be concussed and the other might have whiplash in her shoulder. We didn't say anything to the Highways Officers at the time. Will this hinder any claims made if we have to miss work? - The accident wasn't my fault, the guy drove in to the back of me at high speed after I slowed down. According to the small print on the back of my policy paper, it says that I must pay the excess even if the accident isn't my fault. Is this true? And can I claim this money back from the other party? - I'm not a mechanical person when ti comes to cars. Judging from the pics, would you say this is a write off or repairable? There are at least 5 panels that need replacing, the rear axle has pretty much snapped, the handbrake is defunct, parking sensors broken and the alloy has buckled. Not to mention untold problems under the hood and possible chassis damage? - I got home from the garage we were towed to just after Admiral's claims line closed so am calling them in in the morning. I've discovered this website - http://accidentmanagement.co.uk - and was wondering if they were worth considering? - One final thing - I also have GAP insurance, is it worth notifying them I've had an accident or shall I wait until Admiral have assessed the damages? Here's some photos. Doesn't look too bad, but there was quite an almighty bang when we were hit... :( Poor Eric! Any help/advice is appreciated :)
  6. Radio Cutting Out

    This is a problem I've had since I had the car, but now I'm commuting in it a lot it's really starting to grind my gears... Every 3 or 4 minutes, my FM radio cuts out for about half a second, which might not sound a lot but it's really frustrating! It happens whether I'm on Capital, Radio 1, Kiss, Choice, LBC, pretty much any station - preset or not. It's happening much more frequently now so I'm pretty sure that it's not a signal strength issue (I live in North West London and commute to Shepherd's Bush every day, the signals strong there) so wondering if it's a faulty unit? I've had the car just over a year now (from new), would this still be covered under the 3 year warranty? Anyone else noticed this either?
  7. My Zs

    Identical machine to mine (minus the city pack) - very nice choice ;)
  8. Deal Drivers

    Same story as above - purchased my Fez through dealdrivers this time last year. Dealiership in Chesterfield called me to take payment for deposit and I dealt with them the rest of the time. Completely legit and I'd be happy to deal with them again when I next buy a car :)
  9. Ipod Nano Not Working In My New Fiesta

    I have the same issue and have found no solution as of yet. Using my iPhone 4 and my partners iPhone 3GS and older Nano (the small square one) it sounds perfect - but when I connect my Nano (the last one with a click wheel, about 6 mo old) I get a lot of hiss and can only hear music on full volume (on the Fiesta) which just makes everything distort...
  10. Gear Change Indicators

    Not noticed it on my Zetec S, is it new from the August revisions?
  11. Fiesta No More :(

    Kept seeing the pictures of it pop up on my FB feed... Nice time of year to drive a RWD convertible :P
  12. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    Can't say I'm a huge fan... 40+ minutes to sweep off all the snow and de-ice isn't the best way to start at 4 hour journey across the country :/
  13. Hose-Less Washing

    I've recently moved house and you'd all be appalled at how I've been treating my Fez... Not only is my "driveway" lacking a ramp up, the edge kerb is at least 5 or 6" tall :/ I have to drive up a pedestrian dip and along the pavement to park in front of my house... And on the way down I've scraped my chin spoiler god knows how many times... And if that's not bad enough, I kerbed the alloys when I tried parking on the street :( And to add insult to injury, my new house doesn't even have an outdoor tap, so my hosepipe is useless (awkward kitchen tap too...) - so I was wondering what the best way to wash without a hose is? I don't really want to buy more products (still have over £200 worth...) but at the same time I don't want to end up with scratches and swirls... What should I do? Get a watering can to remove dirt and then 2 bucket? Eric's so dirty, please help soon before the rain comes again :P (or the temperature dips even more!)
  14. Car Judders When Pulling Away. Only When Cold?

    Oh good, it's not just me then...Might have a drive down to a dealer and see what they say. For some reason my Fez misses reverse gear more often than not, need got get that sorted too...
  15. Check this out - http://9to5mac.com/ios-beta-brings-full-avrcp-support The next software update for the iPhone allows for AVRCP - so bluetooth devices can change tracks playing from the phone etc. I know the fiesta has A2DP to stream the music, but do you think it'll have AVRCP enabled too?