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  1. On my car, I didn't have the pins in the connection going to the centre console C33C, but they were in connection C23A pins 12 & 13 (both these connections are in the passengers footwell but connection C23A is more forward). So I picked up the 12v from the yellow wire going to my heater module (on the wiring diagram it's the same circuit) this us the input to the switch. And then the outputs I took down to connection C23A. So I guess I'm saying, just getting a centre console loom may not work.
  2. With the wiring for the heated seats, you may find like I did, that the wiring for the seats are in floor loom, but not in any of the other looms. However, there is a big connection by the passengers foot well that connects the floor loom to the rest of the car. To pick up the wires for the switch I ran wires into this connection. I also had to run wires to this connection for the parking assist switch. It seems that Ford put in the top spec floor loom in most of the focus' but not all. So if I was you, I wouldn't assume that because the wiring is there for the module, it's there for the
  3. I picked up my rear sensors and the loom from my local scrappy for £20. The sensors are actually grey, but mines an estate so the bottom half of the bumper is black, so it doesnt stand out too much. If you got the sensors cheap enough but not the right colour you could always spray them yourself. A word warning though, the sensor itself pushes in through the bumper and then the bracket comes out through. The guy at the scrappy was like a butcher trying to get them out until I stepped in. He bent one of them, which annoys me still when i look at them. The print of the hole is on the back of the
  4. Think your boot lock is controlled from inside the tail gate rather than from the bumper side of things. If I was you, I'd buy a rear bumper loom with all the sensors and brackets that match the colour of your car. Just keep an eye out on ebay. The antenna for you keyless entry uses pins 11 and 12 of the connection under the boot (connection C44J). So when you get your new loom, you could remove the pins 11 & 12 out of your old connection and put them in the new one. Its filddley getting the pins out, but it saves you trying to track down the right loom.
  5. I see what you mean about the red on the levels. Strange that's the symbols are blue but the levels are red.
  6. The switches are all in now. The hardest part was getting them to fit into the panel that i made up. I spliced into the yellow input live from the heater control panel and found the outputs in connection C23A pin 12 (passenger)+ 13 (drivers). Nice warm back and bum!!
  7. Ah......I haven't checked that yet. I'll let you know. I assume you took the switches apart and soldered in the blue LED.
  8. So I got my switches. For anyone else who Is interested I took readings of the switches. Position 0=0, 1=7.71k, 2=6.39k, 3=5.17k, 4=3.87k and 5=2.61k so they match the focus wiring diagram. Just got to fit them into my panel and wire them up now. I didn't get the connections with them so I'll have to solder direct onto the pins.
  9. I've took a chance and ordered cmax switches. I think (hope) I can fit them into the facia panel I've put in and they are the same tolerance. I think @JW1982 said the mk3 system is the same as the mk2 Focus so I'm banking on the Cmax being the same. I've also ordered a usb hub to fill the hole which fits into the cigarette lighter hole.
  10. @Dojj did you get the switches? I'd be really interested in what resistance is showing on each position of the switch. I'd also like to know if the switch locates on each number if you get what I mean?
  11. So now you have a 'taste for it' @John916 will you be updating to a Sync 2/3, parking sensors with parking assist and all the other little extras that us non Titainium boys are striving for?😅
  12. I had the same situation when I fitted the parking assist. I had all the connections for the modules in the boot, but nothing for the switches and the front bumper.
  13. Yeah this loom fits into C33C. But I've checked today and the pins are not coming to connection. I think they should be in connection C23A though, so I can pick them up there. Just need to decide what switches I get now.
  14. The funny thing is, my DAB radio works really well. It drops out when I'm in the deepest darkest countryside, but not for long.
  15. I've also been poking around my car today. I have the wiring to the seat but not for the switch. Looking at the diagram though, I can install some pins into 13 & 14 on connector C23A and I'll tap into the yellow on my climate panel. Fuses 34 & 35 are already there in the boot, so once I get my switches sorted I'll be nice and toasty. Dyou think I'll have to alter the settings in Forscan/ Focccus to tell the car it has heated seats?
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