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  1. Hi Gary. I think all the towbars do fit into your chassis. I have fitted towbars on my mk1 focus estate and my mk3 estate and both fitted into the chassis. On the mk3 I had to remove and discard the crash bar for the tow bar to fit.
  2. Pretty sure it worked for me, but it was a while ago now. I've found that, lots of the downloads from these forums, seem to expire after a while as they are uploaded to Google Doc etc, so it maybe worth contacting the original author of the thread.
  3. Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. Check out this thread, it's what I used.
  4. I had it done when I fitted my new condenser. It's not got any worse, it's just not as cold as my old mk1 used to be, but going by previous comments on this forum, the system on the mk3's is not very good.
  5. Yeah I remember blasting out cold air...that was on my mk1 focus though🤔!!
  6. So the temperature control diverts the Air flow rather than the hot water circulation? I guess that makes sense. The pump is separate from the condenser.
  7. So as previously established the Air Con on the Mk3 Focus is pants. I've replaced the condenser and I do have relatively cool air blowing out the vents. However, when I was investigating where the cabin filter is, I discovered that one of the water pipes that go into the heater assembly was hot, while the heater control is set to cold with the Air Con on. I was wondering if this should be hot or is the valve that controls the temperature in the car not working. I'd be interested to know if anyone else with the maunal heater (twisty knobs) has hot pipes next to the clutch pedal, while the Air Con is on.
  8. Hi welcome to the forum. The key hole shaped brackets are for a dog guard to fit into.
  9. It says in your profile you have a Mondeo?
  10. Not a sync 2 or 3. Maybe a sync 1. I would of thought the GPS would still be on the Cambus system though.
  11. On the sync 2 the GPS is connected in with the Cambus. That's to say, there is no separate connection it just is in with the 54 pin connector into the back of the display unit. I'm not sure about the sync 3 though. Do you know if you have sync2 or sync 3?
  12. Have you had a look at this guide? Mk3 Prefacelift Sync 2 8" touchscreen upgrade, How to guide with pics!!! It might be worth asking on that thread if there is anyone who lives close to you that would help out. If you haven't got the sync 2 unit yet, you should look at going straight to the sync 3. I wish I did!!
  13. It's a lengthy job alright, but it's not necessary to remove the seats and carpet.
  14. Ha ha. Every day is a school day!! Thanks for that @StephenFord
  15. I'm guessing "Mod" means moderator but what's a 'sticky??