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  1. Hi welcome to the forum. The key hole shaped brackets are for a dog guard to fit into.
  2. It says in your profile you have a Mondeo?
  3. Not a sync 2 or 3. Maybe a sync 1. I would of thought the GPS would still be on the Cambus system though.
  4. On the sync 2 the GPS is connected in with the Cambus. That's to say, there is no separate connection it just is in with the 54 pin connector into the back of the display unit. I'm not sure about the sync 3 though. Do you know if you have sync2 or sync 3?
  5. Have you had a look at this guide? Mk3 Prefacelift Sync 2 8" touchscreen upgrade, How to guide with pics!!! It might be worth asking on that thread if there is anyone who lives close to you that would help out. If you haven't got the sync 2 unit yet, you should look at going straight to the sync 3. I wish I did!!
  6. It's a lengthy job alright, but it's not necessary to remove the seats and carpet.
  7. Ha ha. Every day is a school day!! Thanks for that @StephenFord
  8. I'm guessing "Mod" means moderator but what's a 'sticky??
  9. Did it blow cold after it was regassed? If so it could be leaking. The mk3 focus condensers (a radiator in front of your main radiator) are the common cause and this was the problem with mine. Garages, like Kwik fit will do a vacuum test, which they did on my system, but they either did not detect a pretty substantial leak in the condenser, or chose to ignore it.
  10. I did both my front and back by drilling first with a hole saw and then carefully creating the shape with a sharp Stanley knife. The shape and location for the sensors are already embossed into the underside of the bumpers.
  11. Although, you might want to go for the facelift centre console and then you lose those buttons.
  12. The blank to the left of the ESP switch is actually just another switch. You need to file off the plastic tabs stopping the switch moving and solder on a couple of terminals.
  13. Yeah @Monks600 did it. It's at the end of the "Wiring diagram required for MK3 internal central locking switch" Thread.
  14. So as an update. Outside temperature today showing 24 degrees and it's still blowing relatively cold air when it's blowing directly at you. It seems to blow colder when I either brake or decelerate. Not sure why this would be. Maybe some liquid refrigerant moving around??
  15. Oh well, that's that idea scuppered then. I'll just have to keep looking out for a cheap complete sync 3 unit on eBay then!