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  1. Not sure about that number for the MK3 Focus. The one I got for mine starts with BM5. However, as I understand it, the last 2 letters on the serial number are the difference between just rear sensors or rear and front sensors. If you want both front and rear sensors and assisted parking, you'll need to get a module with a "B" as the first of the two letters at the end of the serial number. The number you have above is just for the rear sensors.
  2. Are you getting this price from an online ford site or from your local dealer? If online, what's the website? The "Ford Parts UK" is Sh.....well let's just say it's not working for me!!!
  3. It was located on the passenger side forward of the fuse box in my boot.
  4. So I thought I'd share my experience just in case someone is in the same situation as me. As far as I was concerned, my focus had the rear parking sensors and it was just a case of fitting the fronts and module to get the assisted parking. After reading some of the post on here and talking to @Phil21185 it became apparent that I didn't have the factory fitted parking system and instead I had this. I've now managed to get a good deal on the right sensors and wiring and now have rear parking beeping (I did have this before) and the visual representation on my Sync unit. I intend to get the fronts, but will wait until I can buy the right colour sensors and the wiring all as one lot.
  5. I'm having problems finding the front bumper loom with the fog light and 6 sensor plugs. @Bannko said the facelift one will fit, but I was wondering what other models have the same wiring; Mondeo or Cmax etc?
  6. When I fitted the facelift centre console I had to extend the wires for my stop start button which is on the centre console. There was only four wires there and looking at Tommo's, there's eight so I'm pretty sure I'll have to add them. Where did you buy your pins from?
  7. So @Phil21185 I took my glove box out today (sounds rude for some reason) and I have the same as you. The wires are going into the big plug but not out the other side. I need to get my front sensors now but am waiting for a set to come up on ebay that are frozen white and have the loom with them. The switch should arrive tomorrow and I've connected the module (where did you secure the module?). I have activated it in Focccus and now the car beeps a couple of times when the ignition goes on. I'm not getting any visualisation on my sync 2 screen, but I'm thinking I'll need the switch. I'm pretty sure I'll have to put in extra wires for the switch like @Tommo17 did.
  8. Focus City was the seller through EBay is where I got the console, Luke.
  9. Having a look on eBay now it seems I got a bargain with mine. Mine was £30 for the console including all the side panels, handbrake, gearstick boot and heater control unit and facia panel. I'll email Forscan and ask. Where do I get the update for the BCM from?
  10. I see they released it as a trial but have since stopped. Given that I'm not that keen on bricking the car I was thinking of a few of options. The first was to buy a facelift BCM from eBay, but was wondering how to install it. Is it just a case of copying my built data and writing it to the new BCM with Forscan? The second option was to try to find someone local to my area that has the Beta 2.4 version and the skills to update the module. The third option was ask my local ford dealer to do it. Not sure if they would do it though. You know how these guys can be?
  11. It was actually quite easy to swap the centre console. There is a little bit of cutting the existing dash. So you need to trim down the plastic to just above where the bolts locate. There is locating lug on the trim panel that's beside drivers leg (RHD) that I cut off completely and the one on the passenger side I trimmed it down so it located. One thing to make sure though if you are getting one from eBay or a scrapper, is you need this panel that is at knee height on the passenger side. This is where if fits. Then there's the heater control to contend with. I also had to extend the wires on the stop start button, but the connection was the same for it. Not sure about the heater seats button though. Maybe this would be controlled through the HCM.
  12. I bought a FL centre console which came with a heater control. The PFL heater controls wouldn't fit, so I thought I could easily swap them. I have got them in and most things are working apart from the heater rear screen. Think it would be a lot easier if my car had auto climate (but I might look at that as future project). @Luke_Anderson is the 2.4 Beta version linux based? And would the firmware be specific to my vehicle or to the BCM.
  13. Some guy got half way through retro fitting the sync 2 module and got stuck. When his questions (actually questions that had already been discussed) were not answered within 3minutes, he took his frustration out on Luke who had written the guide.
  14. Yeah you certainly got some love from me when my dash was ripped apart and I stupidly burnt myself with the soldering iron!! I kept it to myself though!! you've added that to the mix.....will the updated BCM communicate (seamlessly) with all the non-facelift modules? If so......well you know whats coming.....where do I get the firmware......can it be done through Forscan....blah blah blah....why do men have nipples...