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  1. I mean.....I don't mean to be a tell tit or nuffink....but definitely not on the plastic sheets Mrs Lenny!!!!
  2. Brave? I'd say suicidal cleaning up a rusty seat on the bed!!! Can't see my wife falling for that!!!
  3. Just out of interest, where are the switches supposed to be mounted?
  4. Thanks @JW1982 for this great info. I'll be updating more of my modules when I get back from work.
  5. I must admit, I just used the software that Forscan suggested. I'm not even sure where the software is coming from and where I would go to get alternative software. I'm guessing that you have some way of searching for the software with the serial number of the module @JW1982.
  6. I upgraded to the latest firmware first through forscan, and then like you I got the 3.5 files, but the BCM wouldn't take them. Apparently, there are some later mk3's BCM that will update....but not mine. I found, that my little 4amp battery charger won't keep up with it if I have the radio playing at the same time.
  7. More like stupid now I've read Forscan advised against it!!! I did it in my quest to try to get the facelift heater control module working......I've since give up the idea. I did the PCM to try to resolve a slight judder on acceleration. The judder is still there!!!
  8. I've done the BCM and PCM on mine. No noticeable differences. Did it with the Forscan Beta version. Think the BCM took about 1/2 hour and the PCM about an hour.
  9. Yeah that doesn't make sense. I guess it's possible that the led indicator and switch wires are around the wrong way.
  10. Have you swapped out the rear Abs sensors for the right ones @Tommo17? I think I remember Phil saying he got the malfunction warning until he swapped his.
  11. Mine was also showing a fault on every sensor. I cleared the codes and put the ignition off and on a few times. The rear left inner sensor fault came up, so I swapped it out and that seems to have sorted it.......for now.
  12. Its a big connector under the nearside headlight, which does also contain the fog light wires. To check if the wiring is there at the front end, without taking the bumper off, see Phil's post and 'Phil's build Thread. You can check a connector behind the glove box. With my Mk3 I had the 3 connectors in the boot. No wires to the front bumper and no wires to the switch.
  13. It's on the back of the rear hub, but it's impossible to see it and undo it at the same time so you end up doing it blind. Just go easy when you undo it if it's really stiff as I think I read somewhere that they can shear off, and let's face it, that would spoil your day. At the moment I'm getting the malfunction warning when I start the car, but just haven't had the time to look at it. Do you know if it will show where the fault is in forscan, say one of the sensors? Or does it just give a fault for the whole system? @Tommo17
  14. It's like key hole surgery if you haven't got a ramp. I had mine up on a jack with the wheel off, and basically you have to do it by feel. Be a good idea to have a small mirror and a torch (I took pictures with my phone). Its a Torx bolt, but I dropped it and it took ages to get the thing back out of the suspension arm. About 10mins for the drivers side and 20mins and lots of swearing for passenger side.