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  1. I'm definitely getting there mate. Can't seem to get my Mic working. However, I'm waiting for the sync button for the steering wheel to arrive and I'm hoping it's linked. I can then test the voice commands. I need to get the F8 nav card as well as I'm on F4 at the mo and it's not great. Sync 3 hey? I'll have to save my pennys for that upgrade!!
  2. Unfortunately, I'm too old to get the reference!! Had to Google it!!!
  3. Followed the instructions and did a master reset, still no joy. Thanks for the info though.
  4. I have recently upgraded from non Bluetooth to Sync 2 thanks to Luke Anderson's cracking guide. I've managed to get everything else working (in the end) but the Mic cuts out after half a second when answering or calling on the phone. My wife is about to strangle me as the only way to test is to call her. Looking through Forscan and Focccus I can't see a microphone option.
  5. So I downloaded and installed the update from the forum and it seems to have gone onto my sync unit ok. I was hoping it would fix my microphone issue (mic not working) but it has not.
  6. I have found an update on this forum "update sync 2 the easy way". Do you think I should give it a go? I'm not sure where the sync unit picked up my vin anyway. I could ask the eBay seller that sold me the sync unit for the reg of the vehicle it came from.
  7. Hi Clive, it shows my Vin.
  8. Does anyone know how I can get the latest update file for sync 2. I've retrofitted a sync 2 into my 2013 Focus, so if I put my vin into the ford website, it says "your vehicle is not fitted with Sync 2". If I put the vin of a facelift car say on eBay for instance, it says "you are up to date".
  9. Hi Ian. I want to swap my basic heater controls for the facelift one which is on the centre console. Don't know if it's possible to do so wanted to have a look at the diagram for both, to see if I can grab the connections off a scrapper and start soldering.
  10. I know this has been asked before, but has anyone got the wiring diagram for a mk3.5 focus 2015 - onwards. Specifically, I'm looking for the heater control. I have the wiring diagram for the 2011- 2015.
  11. No mate, I have no blue plug on my heater controls. My Focus is the most basic. Actually, I think it was basic anyway and then they took more bits off it!!! I'm pretty much there now with the sync 2 upgrade. I've just got to get my microphone working. Think it's a software issue. When I try to load the module build data in Forscan, it seems to get stuck.
  12. Ok I've found it now. Had a good study of the wiring diagram (there's 2 hours I'll never get back) and the MS CAN runs around the car on the purple\orange (-) and grey\orange (+) wires. I found a big connection block behind the centre console trim in the passengers footwell with both wires in, if anyones interested.
  13. Cheers Colin. I'll have a look now.