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  1. Hi, Had this little runaround for 3+ years and other than the usual KA issues it's been a little beauty. However this week it has developed Gremlins and I'm getting a series of random faults that occur for no apparent reason and seemingly have no link, they also don't happen every drive or every day! 1) Battery light comes on when driving sometimes - I've tested the battery and it is at 12+v, I've had the car running with everything switched on and tested at 14+v so the battery and alternator are seemingly working fine 2) Random intermittent flashing abs light, brakes not affected, sensors have tested ok for voltage and all looks ok. This does not occur daily or every time I drive the car, in fact when it happens it is very sporadic during the drive. 3) Drivers electric window controls - randomly stop working, then start again. Passenger side completely unaffected. I can find no reason for these as they're seemingly not linked and each fault on it's own apparently doesn't exist when I test the individual items. Anyone got any clues, the MOT is due in 6 weeks and these will constitute an automatic fail if either the ABS light or Battery light are on Thanks all