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  1. hi so this weekend i set about replacing the rear top mounts on my mondeo mk3 st220, what a job it was glad i treated myself to a Impact Wrench a week ago made the job easy as well as using fast penatraint fluid which help alot. You never know guys if you want to challenge them yourself i filmed it the best i could https://youtu.be/ekD3Um9nvX4
  2. hiya Mikey I made a video on this folding mirror mod on youtube, glad you sorted it.
  3. ok so today i am going to be making up a patch loom for the halogen to xenon upgrade, just thought i would share this as i make it.
  4. v6 lover cheers and thanks for subin to the channel,can believe the support i am getting from it, just amazes me, well over 3600 people follow me, madness. I thought i best join here as i thought and was told by friends that the guys on here might find some of my vids helpfull
  5. Hi everyone, i did have another account but for the life of me i cant remember the details, anyway I am Chazz and i drive a mondeo mk3 st220, brilliant car and fun to drive. I am currently doing the car up and working on it when i can. Come say hi and follow along with it on youtube, lol. but thought i would sign back up to here and see what is going on and share what i have learnt about this car.
  6. Hi peeps, i did have an old account and for the life of me i can not remember the details, so that is me opening a new account. I drive a Ford Mondeo MK3 ST220 and i will be uploading some photo's soon.
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