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  1. I don't have any antennas in my neighbourhood I don't believe. I do have a dash cam that is constantly plugged into one USB socket (which powers off when car security lock triggers), and an AUKEY 12V-to-USB adaptor constantly plugged into the 12V socket. Perhaps one of these caused the interference? I have been using this setup for 3 months though. One thing I know is that the 12V socket constantly supplies power hence why I don't plug the dash cam in. And because I'm leaving the AUKEY 12V-to-USB adaptor in, perhaps it's supplying a constant current to the capacitors and coils, which in turn is generating some kind of interference? I'm going to leave these devices unplugged and see if the issue reoccurs. It could be down to a deeper fault causing the unsync.
  2. So turns out the problem is that interference has caused the car to be unsynced with the keys. It's a safety procedure built into Fords. I guess to prevent key cloning? So to disable the alarm, you have to get into the car using the key inside the fob, put the fob onto the key icon panel under the arm rest, which lets you start the engine and disables the anti-theft. Then you have to go through a button press sequence/procedure to resync your car with the fobs. This seems to solve the issue.
  3. Hey guys, so I have a Ford Focus ST Line 68 plate and I woke up this morning to the key fob not unlocking the car. Pressing lock works fine but unlock or boot unlock doesn't work. I tried the spare fob and had the same problem. I used the key inside the fob to enter the car but it triggered the anti-theft alarm and the engine start button doesn't work. I then changed the battery on one of the fobs with no luck. Anybody else experienced similar issues or can diagnose what might be up? A bit annoyed seeing as how I've only had the car for a few months. My last Ford also went kaputz on me also because of faulty electronics.