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  1. So I’ve recently changed the crossover pipe on my 1.0 EcoBoost fiesta and was wondering what exactly this hose is? I’ve attached some pictures but just to clarify it’s the hose that has the little green clip on that goes into the crossover pipe, TIA
  2. They sure are, I thought I wound have needed some kind of connectors or something for them so I could believe it when I plugged the first one in and was blinded by a blue light 😂
  3. To be fair mate you were right, I pulled one of the bulbs out and the new one simply did just slot in! Thanks for you help man, appreciate it
  4. Cheers for the advice mate! From what I can tell though the footwell lights (where I’m presuming these new ones will go) is an actual bulb with a screw cap so there’s no way these would screw in 🤷‍♂️
  5. Hey guys, my LEDs have finally arrived for the interior of my 2014 fiesta and after eagerly opening the package they are not what I was expecting! They just look like little LED chip sets and I’ve no idea how I would begin to install these. Any help would be appreciated, cheers
  6. Hi mate, I’m literally just in the process of doing this now and in exactly the same situation with a standard titanium! Just wondering if you managed ti fit to fit the corner flaps all okay and the bumper went on no problem?
  7. Thanks again you’ve been absolutely smashing! Hopefully I’ll be able to fit something on soon enough, cheers again mate nice one
  8. You’re a star mate, that’s exactly what I was looking for nice one! i have seen that guide before but that’s from a Zetec S to a ST diffuser... is it still the same process to do it on a titanium?
  9. Looks spot on that mate! Did you pretty much just rip the old diffuser off and add the new one no problem?
  10. Looks absolutely boss that willy and I’d be happy to have mine looking something along the lines of that! Will have a look through the guide when I get home from work tonight, cheers again
  11. Hi Eric, yeah I have come to realise that the ZS valance wouldn’t be suitable to fit into my titanium. Wound I be right in saying that I could fit an ST style valance to my titanium and it would still look okay until I am able to purchase my cobra sort exhaust?
  12. Hey guys, first post here so apologise if I haven’t posted in the correct forum but I’m just looking for some advice... just purchased my 2014 titanium and I’m building a huge shopping list in my head for what I want. im looking to kit it out with a Zetec S bodykit which not only looks great but will also allow me to fit a sports exhaust (not sure wether cobra sport or mountune yet) the advice I was actually looking for was wether I am able to fit a Zetec S rear valance and also a Zetec S front grill to my titanium? If so is there a best place to go? Cheers guys, Matt