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  1. I don't understand how the wipers can vary so much! On my actual car the automatic wipers are great, they work perfectly at matching the rain but on a courtesy car of another MK8 (It was an ST) the wipers were garbage! They just either didn't turn on at all or they would be going insane when it was barely raining it was so strange. Surely it should all just be standard with the automatic wipers. Strange.
  2. Hi all. For the entire time I have had my car I've had issues with CarPlay. I have the iPhone 8+, everything is up to date on the phone but sometimes when I am connected via USB the screen in the car will just freeze and become unresponsive. I took it to the dealer (the car is still under warranty) a while ago and they said they had never, ever heard of this problem before and after showing them a video of the unresponsive screen they took it in and came up with the solution that it is because I wasn't using an official Apple cable. Fair enough. So I started using an actual Apple cable but the problem still occurs every now and then and it is a massive problem when I am using Maps to navigate and suddenly I have no idea where I am going. The only way to get my screen to become responsive again to CarPlay is to turn the engine off, allow everything to shut down and turn it back on. This isn't always possible to do so I have to somehow then input my destination into the (questionable) Ford navigation system. I took my car in again a few weeks ago, this time I had a slightly more understanding lady who said that this IS a problem they are aware of and apparently Ford are working on a software patch but this will only be available in September. Has anybody else had this issue? And if so, how did you fix it? I've had 3 courtesy cars during the year I've had this one (all Ford MK8) and I didn't encounter the problem with any of those cars but with the freezing being something that is intermittent it could be just a case of I didn't have the opportunity for the freezing to happen. Thanks in advance.
  3. Were they difficult to change? My only experience changing wipers (Clio about 10 years ago) did NOT end well! I do notice the wipers don't do an amazing job of actually wiping the rain away at the best of times so it could be worth me trying these for that reason alone.
  4. When I took it in the first time they said they had tightened them but it has not helped at all! Second time they said they did the same. The last time I took it in the girl just turned the wipers on after they had had the car for about 5 hours and said 'Look it makes a noise, it's just the noise it makes' They had been for a drive in it and used the windscreen washer fluid to make the screen wet and said it was not making any noises other than what it should be doing and at this point I kind of lost my patience with them and just took my car and left. I've linked a video of what I recorded on Tuesday when it was heavily raining. You can hear that it's not on every single wipe (which is what they're implying is normal) but there's even music on that it can be heard over so it can't be considered correct I don't think. Never had a car do that! Video
  5. Hi, I’ve been searching for ages to see if anyone has had a similar issue but no luck. I have the MK8 Titanium and whenever it rains heavily and my windscreen wipers are on a faster setting the wiper will intermittently hit the side of the car on the drivers side. It’s only when it rains very heavily and when they have been going for a while. It’s so loud at when it does hit that I can hear it over my music! Ive taken it back to the dealer (three times now) and they don’t seem to believe me? I made a video of it happening but they’ve just said that’s the noise it’s supposed to make. When the car is stationary the wipers do make the usual noise which is fine, but obviously you don’t hear that when your car is driving over the usual sounds but this can clearly be heard hitting the side of my car. I feel like I’m losing the plot.