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  1. Mp155 Now On The Mountune Web Site

    yeah, you would think....and I kinda was guna take the brunt of it...but when seriously calculating if it was worth going down the ST route i crunched some figures....... tdci currently scraping to manage 43mpg...been going down nearly every day at the moment... STs do around the 30mpg mk (not official figures...but Fiesta STOC figures...so real!)... Mildly tuned STs manage more MPG...I was surprised to hear this...but again Fiesta ST info from the STOC...good bunch there... and the ST will be on LPG once I am using it for the school...Diesel at 134.9p here, LPG 70p pr ltr. That means I will make a saving of about 2/3p per mile on fuel alone...let alone the 250 quid a month saving taking the leasing costs out of the equation...and the day a month nearly of Ford appointments!! Lol! I will also maintain the car for next to nothing due to trade parts account! So although it seems nuts...there is some logic and amazingly it will save me pocket loada cash each week/month! Wonder what MPG figures the 155ps 1600s will come back with!
  2. Mp155 Now On The Mountune Web Site

    yeah...i was thinking in way of brakes too...mine fade in me tdci at times...too much left foot braking I think though!!! also my thoughts went to the torque...the fiesta 2.0 has got the torque by the buckets....and the boxes very rarely brake!! Well a guy on STOC with a 330bhp ST has blown his...but thats understandable right!? :D Yeah...will be modding with basics to ensure embarrassment to the 155ps boys!!....throttle body, KnN kit, flexi and decat and with a remap I be hitting 175ish easily. B) Plus the 155ps cant be good on fuel...the ST when tuned mildly actually manages better MPG than standard!! :)
  3. Mk7 Wheels

    st ones fit fine by the way 108pcd...
  4. Fuel Filler Cap Help!

    yes...but at the moment they aint a huge amount of other suppliers except if you do a ebay search...or breakeryard search
  5. Engine Id Help Please

    agree...get an engine thats been run in...then hear it purr before you buy...then rebuild the basics...you will get more reliability this way.... Honda back in the day bought up all 1500cc blocks for their F1 cars...but they had to have done 100k miles or they wouldnt touch them...as they knew if 100k has been done that the block and head were good...for one race!! I not suggesting buy a 100k engine...but theres a principle there somewhere! B)
  6. Mp155 Now On The Mountune Web Site

    really!? interesting...what blows?.... Im on STOC and ensuring we all tune a wee bit to keep ahead of the 155 upgrade!!! But i bet the ST box can cope better...or obviously it can cope better!! B)
  7. Is It Possible To Up Mileage?

    you realise that 4000 miles at 6p per mile is only a 240quid charge! thats not bad...on my 30k mile per year lease I pay 18p per mile if I go over it!!! I bet it cost you more to run the other car surely!?
  8. Another Buckled Alloy

    Ford told me they were designed to buckle...so I asked if in their design they had a fund to replace all the 'desgined' buckles?! He wasnt impressed. Neither was I...180quid inc vat. I been running older tougher 16inch ford rims with 205/50s rather than 195/45s was better but still have two small buckles in front rims. Sucks. I did try and get my 16inch repaird....i posted a pic here at somepoint...but when trying to bend it out the company cracked the wheel..not so good. Is it me...or is this a modern thing...I never rememeber older cars/alloys bend the rims all the time!?
  9. Is It Possible To Up Mileage?

    suckage...whats the pence per mile if you go over? Piggy
  10. Mountune 155Ps Upgrade, Effect On Insurance?

    155 is a big jump...I wana know how! The old racing puma was a 1.7 and was 155ps standard...that had different cams, exhasut, inlet, map and revved very high!
  11. New Wing Mirror Purchased, How To Fit?

    Cool...at least it sorted...I never had to remove the door card for some odd reason...maybe the year it was made the wires were different!?
  12. Mountune 155Ps Upgrade, Effect On Insurance?

    WOH! :o do they use cams in the upgrade? that still under warranty?
  13. Well It's All True

    this is a quote from a famous clint eastwood film..."Kellys heros" its epic...no one seen it!? :o
  14. Service Questions

    yes this is exactly right...used to do under warranty services all the time back in the day...just ensure the stamp they put in your service book includes the VAT number...and its a ok! Also you can ask for them to use the gen' filters too...which is motorcraft stuff. We used to stock it all for when people wanted ford servicing. where I used to work they would do a full service INCLUDING filters for 99pounds. Pollen and petrol filter was extra though. Piggy
  15. Mountune 155Ps Upgrade, Effect On Insurance?

    155ps...is that right?! I thought it was just 140?! If its 155...how much is that and how the hell do they get it to do that!?