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    InstructorPiggy got a reaction from Mazcarz in Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi   
    Big jump down in mpg from 60 to 70 and even bigger to 80.
    Plus, the limit is 70.
    What is the service history like?
    Old oil and blocked fuel filter can make quite a big difference.
    Plus the fuel itself, I can get an extra 4/5mpg over a whole tank if I get Shell/BP rather than cheaper fuels.
    Hope these help,
    Piggy :)
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    InstructorPiggy got a reaction from Parsons123 in Shall We Organise A Meeting?   
    aye...somewhere with a disused airfield?
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    InstructorPiggy got a reaction from stef123 in Is Ford Parts Centre No Longer Trading?   
    I be happy to get guys on here parts at trade price...just email me your registration and requirements and I can quote you.
    You will obviously need to pay PnP.
    I be happy to save anyone some money!