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  1. Both myself and a co-worker have had identical problems with our Fiesta's (mine a '17 SE, his a '16 ST). In short (and yes, I am mindful of the car's fuel refilling protocol): The car would stall on the initial start-up after filling up the tank This would trip the CEL and throw a P1450 Code ("Unable To Bleed Up Fuel Tank Vacuum") Also, the car may randomly switch into "limp mode" with an "Engine Malfunction" error message on the dashboard dialog screen while driving; however, car runs fine after switching the engine off for a short period of time and then turning back on This event throws a P2112 Code ("Throttle Actuator Control System - Stuck Closed") My co-worker had his EVAP valve and Throttle Body replaced, and right now my car is at the dealer waiting on the same- a pricey repair, and of course a wait-list for just one of the parts (ironically, it's the opposite part that my co-worker had to wait for with another Ford dealer on the other side of town... go figure, right?). Here's the thing: In researching this, it seems that Ford Focus models of the same years (2012-2018) have the same issue! But they had a recall on the EVAP valve in question issued this past October. Fiesta owners aren't as lucky, even though I've found plenty of posts by Fiesta owners on other forums describing similar problems (generally with folks who are modding their intakes, so naturally they conclude it's the mod that was the root cause). Quoting from that Press Release (bolding mine): So, is it a software issue that "thinks" the EVAP valve is failing after every fuel fill-up, leading at times to the throttle body/"limp mode" issue... or are these parts actually failing? My dealer tells me it's the latter, and I'm about to shell out around $800 and be without my work vehicle for the next week over it. I'm thinking these parts are just fine and I can pretty much set my calendar for this to happen again two years from now- but my dealer insists there's no ECU update for my Fiesta (unlike with the Focus). Here's my question: Can the PCM update for Focus models also be used on Fiesta models? Don't they basically have the same powertrain? If so, is this an update that I can do myself with FORScan? For anyone with the same issue: I found it helped to heed the advice from the Press Release above and never let the fuel tank drop below half-empty; the last two times I did were prior to the throttle issue, and generally I could avoid a stall after fill-up's (with a less-rough idle) when filling up before half-empty. Problem is it's a hassle, and I suspect letting it run near-empty so often with my delivery job is what exacerbated the problem to begin with. Thanks for the help!