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  1. As a Fiesta Active X owner I actually think why would you by a regular fiesta? Fords Future residual values better on the Active compared to those owning just your regular fiesta models as well. I even went for the Luxe Yellow colour as well, another controversial colour some would think, but I’ve had lots of people asking me ‘what colour is your car’ ‘it’s really nice’, it certainly stands out amongst all your bog standard dull colours, silvers, blues & whites that seem to be the norm. And yep we’re also a 2019 Ecosport ST line owner to, I certainly prefer driving my Active. ‘‘What have I done” well I prefer my Active X over an ST line anyday.
  2. Ditch the factory fitted Ford blades (cheap & nasty) one of the 1st things I do is a buy a set of Bosch wiper blades, a lot quieter, smoother and no judder. ‘I’ll attach a link to the ones you need. I’ve a 2019 Fiesta Active X but I would imagine the above link will fit all Mk8 fiesta models.