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  1. Thanks Isetta, ill have another look. I thought it was just me 😂
  2. I have had a new caliper fitted to the driver side rear not long ago. The ABS light must have come on about 2 weeks later 🤔
  3. Thanks guys, the other codes are: U2101, U3003, C0020 and C0082. How exactly do you delete the codes and how do you go about gathering data from the wheel speed sensors? I found a video on you tube about a ford fusion which had a similar list of DTCs that all appeared at once. The mechanic filming the video said he read/saw a ford special service message which directed him straight to the problem. It turned out to be a damaged wire in the ABS sensor harness, a tiny little hole causing all those faults! If i knew which wheel was the problem i could examine it thoroughly. The mechanic on the fusion produced a graph of all four wheel speed sensors and one of them looked very different to the other three. I will definitely clear the codes (once i know how) and then take it for a spin, sounds like a good plan. But if I could also get that wheel speed data I think that would help. Once again, thank you for your input 👍
  4. Ok I got my new gadget today, the USB version of the modified ELM327. It works brilliantly and I could not be more pleased with it. However, I now have more DTC codes than I know what to do with! C003A, C0037, U0401.... and the ist goes on. Its not easy deciphering which wheel I need to take off and examine as there are codes relating to multiple wheels and they cant all be broken? New question is this: Is it possible to gather data from the wheel speed sensors using the forscan software? If so, im pretty sure that one of them will return some bogus data and I can focus my attention there. Any help on the subject would be appreciated before I start taking things to bits 😆
  5. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the information. Ive ordered the USB version and I will see how I get on 👍
  6. Ive just googled this. Do you have the ELM327? It looks like there is a USB version and a wifi version. Is it the USB version you recommend? It has a "HS-MS CAN Switch" whatever that is 🤔
  7. Thanks for the information guys. Not heard of forscan before, can I install the software on my phone/tablet or does it have to be a laptop?
  8. Hello everyone. Im sure this is a common fault and im not asking how to fix it, I just want some advice on how to diagnose it. I have used the car's own self diagnostic system and found that there are no DTC codes stored. I would like to know which of the four wheels has the fault so I can direct my attention in the correct place and save myself a lot of time and effort. I dont have the kind of money to start buying Delphi diagnostic equipment and I dont want to waste money on something that returns the same result as the self diagnostic system i.e. "DTC none". Does anyone know of anything on the market that will pin point where my ABS fault lies via the diagnostic port? My vehicle is a Ford Focus 1.6 2002. Many thanks.